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Families enjoy metal day at Rock in Rio with children and give tips: ‘Canga, cap and water’

Families enjoy metal day at Rock in Rio with children and give tips: ‘Canga, cap and water’
Families enjoy metal day at Rock in Rio with children and give tips: ‘Canga, cap and water’

On this first day of Rock in Rio, many people enjoy the festival as a family. Parents and uncles brought their little ones to the metal day and say that it is possible to enjoy the event with them. In fact, they are rockers from an early age! Igor Polidoro, 32, is the father of Íris, 1 year and 5 months old, who was also present at Cidade do Rock:

– She is used to it, since her mother’s belly. The whole family only listens to loud music. To sleep, she has to have music, if not, she doesn’t sleep.

– And a fan of Red Hot Chili Pappers! – delivers to aunt, Isabella Polidoro.

In addition to them, Íris’s mother, Ingrid Polidoro, also came from Mato Grosso do Sul to enjoy the festival. With this Iron Maiden show, the little girl’s father has already added three performances he’s seen from the group he’s a fan of:

– This time it will be different. We already found a place further away, but you can also see the stage.

The Colombians Susana Rodriguez and Jerson Rincon have been in Brazil since last Sunday, the 28th, on their honeymoon. During this special moment for the couple, they are accompanied by their 11-month-old daughter, Emily Rincon.

– People help us everywhere. At the airport, when we went to Cristo Redentor and also here at Rock in Rio – says the father.

Rock fans, the two took advantage of the fact that the festival would be well in the week they chose to come to Brazil and soon secured their tickets. With a stroller, where little Emily rested while her parents walked around the City of Rock, they say they usually sing lullabies in rock rhythm to her, who, therefore, was already used to the sound that happened that day.

– We came here at the festival especially to see Iron Meiden. At the time of the show she will be sleeping, but we will be awake! – jokes Jerson.

Daniel de Araujo and Cristiane Magnussen came with their 10-year-old son, Gabriel. He inherited his love for rock from his parents – and from his sister, Ester de Araujo, 16, who also came with her family and even has a rock band. Although the boy enjoyed the day, the father delivers:

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– He loves Megadeath. He was sad when he found out they weren’t coming, he cried and all. My son went by osmosis enjoying rock too. Nowadays he knows even more bands than I do.

In order not to be too tiring for Gabriel, the family arrived at the festival around 5pm and the idea is to leave only when the Iron Meiden show is over:

– He already sleeps late, so let’s go to the end!

Kely Santos brought her niece Giovana Lima, 4 and a half years old, as she likes to say. The little one likes rock like her aunt, but she was also happy to have danced TikTok and won a neon pink visor. To enjoy the day with her niece in the City of Rock, Kely gives the tip:

– I brought a sarong and a cap, we stopped several times, I bought water, we stayed out of the sun… That’s what we do. You have to protect the child as much as possible. At the time of the show I watched from afar, I put her on my shoulder. Her mom is my sister and I’ve asked her to come with me since last year when I bought the tickets.

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