Arabica coffee futures extend losses

Arabica coffee futures extend losses
Arabica coffee futures extend losses

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Arabica fell 3.7 cents, or 1.6%, to settle at $2.28 a lb.

You contracts futures of coffee arabica on ICE closed lower today (2), moving awayofup even more of peak in six months of last week, while the prices of sugar went up.


O arabica fell 3.7 cents, or 1.6%, to $2.28 a pound, retreatingof even more in relation to the maximum in six months from last week ($2,429).

the perspective in rain in some parts of the areas in coffee of Brazil over the next few weeks contributed to the pullback, but traders said concerns remain over whether there is enough to sustain the indevelopment in flower buds after early flowering.

Dealers also said heavy rains couldinm harm the crop on mondayof biggest producer in arabica of worldofColombia.

“Although the price of coffee arabica negotiatesof in ICE has retreatof a little recently inthen in have gone upof sharply insin meaofs of month passesofit is likely to remain sustainedof given the increasingly weak outlook for the crop,” Commerzbank said in a note.

O coffee robusta fell by US$5 (R$25.93), or 0.2%, to US$2,223 (R$11,531) a ton.


O sugar gross closed higher in 0.16 cents, or 0.9%, to 18.15 cents in dollar per pound.

The dealers said the prices of the commodity gained support from the strength ofs futures of sugar white.

O sugar white for October, which expires on 15 in September, rose US$ 14.70 (R$ 76.25), or 2.6%, to US$ 573.80 (R$ 2,976) a ton, inthen in set a maximum in contract of US$ 578.20 (R$ 2,999) at the beginning of the session, the highest insin meaofs in July.

A prolonged drought in some parts of Europe helpedofua raise the prices ofwhite s, while reviewing theminofres also noticed covers in soldofs in the contract in october before in its imminent expiration.

A European broker said it is also taking placeof a move in restocking, helpof to raise the prices of sugar refineof.

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