September 5th to 9th Summary

September 5th to 9th Summary
September 5th to 9th Summary

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Monday, 5th of September
Chapter 28
Alicia asks André and the Vaz brothers if Flora is missing. The children invent that Flora traveled and left them alone. Alicia finds everything strange, but says that until Flora returns they can count on her and Vicente. Geraldo, Sandro and Navarro take pictures of Manuela in the village. Giuseppe makes a set of Venice in the Village with Nico’s help to earn money from photographs at the location. Isabela buys new uniforms for the employees and says they are more fashionable. Damião and Laura don’t really like the new look. Geraldo shows the henchmen who each one is. Sandro is very clumsy and irritates Geraldo. As Nico refuses to dress up as a gondolier, Giuseppe dresses up Manteiguinha, who is running away from the new dose of vaccine. The Italian asks Pedro and Helena to pose for a photo so he can advertise the new business. Otavio calls Rebeca to tell her he’s going away and says he’ll miss her. Sapphire says it’s time for them to go so that Rebeca can hear. Joaquim, Julia and Felipe go to a restaurant, but when it’s time to pay the bill with the card that Flora left for them, they discover that there is no money. The brothers need to wash dishes. Joaquim doesn’t understand what happened to the money. Flora sees that Fausto bought a new helmet, but doesn’t suspect that it was through the card he stole from her. Geraldo tells about and spying on Manuela and Regina says they can use her family members to threaten her. Giuseppe takes Dona Nina to take pictures at his new business. Fiorina eavesdrops on their conversation and is irate to hear that Giuseppe gave the photo to Nina as a gift from a friend. Fiorina calls Giuseppe a traitor and destroys the Italian’s entire new business. Giuseppe gets angry and says he won’t forgive the woman for this cardboard. The Italian says that everything was to be able to take her on the dream trip, but that his jealousy destroyed everything. Isabela tells the employees that from now on they must only respect her orders. Fiorina goes to her son’s veterinary clinic, who is with Helena, crying over what happened. Meire takes a psychic to do some work on the Vaz’s apartment door. The woman thinks that Flora’s spirit terrorizes the place and doesn’t realize that she has hired a charlatan. Aurora tells Fortunato that Priscila ran away from home.

Tuesday, September 6th
The telenovela will not be shown due to the transmission of the Copa Libertadores da América.

Wednesday, September 7
Chapter 29
Isabela decides to ignore Manuela’s messages so she can give up the idea that they are twins. Regina freaks out at the employees for being messed up. Marina warns that they are paid by Isabela and only follow her orders. Fortunato tries to comfort Aurora about her granddaughter’s disappearance. Priscila goes to the Vaz’ apartment. Regina argues with Isabela about the rules so that the employees don’t serve her anymore. Manuela is worried that Isabela no longer responds to her messages. Fiorina and Giuseppe make up. Priscila spends the night at the Vaz brothers’ house and invents that her house was being renovated. Meire thinks that Priscila is part of the children’s “Sect” when she sees her leaving the Vaz’ apartment. Raul says goodbye to everyone, as he will travel to Switzerland. Fiorina thinks that Giuseppe will make a free shoe for the priest. Aurora calls Safira and tells her that Priscila ran away from home. Joaquim tries to dress like an adult to go to the bank and find out what happened to the money. Joaquim, Felipe and Julia go undercover to the bank, but the manager realizes that they are not adults. Marina asks Damião to take her on a secret mission to the village. Pedro and Helena tell the children that they have been invited to perform at the village’s birthday party. Fortunato goes to the Vaz brothers’ house and asks about Priscila. The children promise to help look for the girl. Together they go to the record company overnight to look for the girl and find her. Marina tries to talk to Manuela, but the girl runs away. Upon arriving at the mansion, Isabela questions what she was doing in the village.

Thursday, September 8
Chapter 30
Priscila returns home and tells Aurora that she ran away to try to get Safira’s attention. The next day, Safira arrives home after hearing about Priscila’s escape, but is annoyed to learn that she abandoned the trip, but Priscilla is already fine. Vicente tells Arthur and Geraldo that it is worrying to know how the newly recorded CDs are already being sold in piracy. Regina has no more clean clothes to wear and Isabela says that if she wants, she can wash her own clothes. Geraldo warns Regina that they need to get Isabela back to the label, because that’s the only way they’ll have reasons to kidnap Manuela. Sapphira wears the jewel she had made exactly the same as what Otávio had made for Rebeca. The woman sends Lurdinha to call Rebeca to sign a new contract at the company. Nina and Fiorina argue in the village bandstand. One sticks her tongue out at the other and they can’t agree on who will give the speech at the village’s birthday party, whether it will be the pastor or the priest. The community argues in the village. Rebeca goes with Manuela to the city. Isabela goes to the record company and tells the band Cúmplices de Um Resgate that she left the group. At the community meeting, it is decided, after Téo’s suggestion, that the Priest and the Pastor will make their speeches together. At On-Enterprise, Sapphire manages to execute the plan and display the ring on her finger. Rebeca is shaken and starts to think that Otávio gave his wife the engagement ring. Manuela goes with her mother to the mall with the intention of finding Isabela. Isabela runs away from Manuela. Damião sees Manuela and thinks she is Isabela. The driver puts the girl in the car. Manuela runs out and Isabela appears. Damian is confused. Marina and Rebeca bump into each other at the mall. Otávio calls Rebeca, who doesn’t want to meet the businessman.

Friday, September 9
Chapter 31
Rebeca helps Marina after they bump into each other. Marina leaves and Manuela, who was spying on the two, appears. Geraldo tells the band Cúmplices de Um Resgate that Isabela is officially out of the record label. Felipe is saddened by the news and Priscila is happy. Damião tells Isabela that she can only have one doppelganger. Marina questions Isabela about Manuela being at the mall, but the girl says she needs to get it out of Damião’s mind that she has a lookalike. Fiorina vents to Giuseppe that she needs to get Nina out of town, as she just gets into trouble. The Italian says that she will have a romantic dinner to try to unite Pedro and Helena. Meire is terrified after the light in her apartment goes out and she thinks that the shadow she saw in the window is Flora’s ghost. The brothers Vaz and André are amused for having managed to scare the liquidator. Meire decides to face her fears. Safira has lunch with her daughter, Priscila, but treats her coldly. Pedro and Helena are surprised with a romantic dinner. Nico is the waiter, but gets annoyed. Fiorina spies everything. Manuela tells Téo that the romantic dinner plan worked. Téo asks if Manuela has ever liked someone. The girl says no and he gets upset, though he disguises it. Marina tells Isabela that what she’s doing with Manuela isn’t right. Priscila asks Safira why she doesn’t live with her. Sapphire says she’s a very busy woman and that’s why she’d better stay with her grandparents. Helena asks Pedro if he noticed that they only talk about work. The boy says he’s closed to everyone. The two eat ice cream together and say they enjoyed the surprise dinner. The children terrorize Meire even more, but end up being scared. Téo reveals to Mateus that he is confused about Manuela. The boy says that sometimes she changes her personality and he is delighted with that way. Regina tells Geraldo that she can’t take Isabela anymore. Clara encourages Rebeca to talk to Otávio to find out about the ring. Rebeca’s friend calls Lurdinha to see if she knows something. Lurdinha says that Safira commented that the trip was intense. Sapphire observes everything with satisfaction. Sabrina goes to the ice cream shop and says the girls can go on the court with her whenever they want. At the record company, Felipe pours a glass of water on the soundboard and takes off his clothes to try to dry it, but he can’t make it in time. In the preparations for the party, the children warn that Nina will take care of the decoration and Fiorina will take care of the food. Geraldo’s henchmen continue to spy on Manuela. The men find out that there will be the Vilarejo’s birthday party and go to tell Geraldo, who warns that this will be the opportunity to kidnap Isabela. Otávio returns from his trip and goes after Rebeca.

Cúmplices de Um Resgate, in its re-presentation, airs from Monday to Friday, at 9:30 pm, after Poliana Moça, on SBT.

The chapter summaries are provided by the broadcaster and are subject to change depending on the edition of the soap opera.

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