Alessandro confirms the presence of VP in Corinthians planning meetings for 2023

Coach Vítor Pereira has not yet confirmed his stay in Corinthians in 2023 – the coach’s contract runs until the end of this year. Still, he participated and will participate in planning meetings for the next season.

This is the work method of the Portuguese professional and it was always very clear to the fan that only after the 2022 competitions would he sit down with the board to decide whether or not to renew the contract.

It is a subject that we deal with very naturally.. We created a very positive relationship with Vítor (Pereira) and all his commission, so much so that, in many press conferences, he showed something, which is reciprocal on our part, he is a coach that we have great admiration and affection for. , the methodology was very clear to all of us, especially the athletes, and he already made it clear when that deadline came and, at the end of the season, we would talk”, said Alessandro Nunes, football manager.

“We always talk, yesterday (Wednesday) we had a conversation with Duilio (Monteiro Alves, president) and Roberto (de Andrade, director), explaining this end of the year, vacation period, calendar, expectations of return. to do this when you come back from vacation”, he added.

According to Alessandro, VP will participate in the conversations, regardless of whether or not he will continue in the position next year.

“It is something he is aware of and only needs a publication by the FPF (São Paulo Football Federation) of the return of activities to deliver to the technical committee and then go back to the vacation period and then work, which is a natural planning. We have been dealing normally, he (Vítor Pereira) will participate, regardless of staying or notof everything that is part of the future of Corinthians. he is very committed“, he added.

The football manager’s speech took place during the club’s 112th birthday party, celebrated last Thursday, at Neo Química Arena. On the occasion, President Duilio Monteiro Alves also talked about the renewal of the contract by Victor Pereira.

“There is no (update in the case). It remains the same (…). The season is not over, there is no one to blame (for not having renewed it yet), because we don’t know if he will stay or not. That’s all in his time, we are in the final stretch”, he said, adding that everything that has been done is thinking about the future of the club, regardless of his permanence in the position of coach:

“He is an incredible person, a first-rate coach. Everything that has been done is thinking about the future of the club, regardless of the coach he is, as it was when Fausto Vera arrived, for example. He has this concern, we talk a lot of it, that we need to do the best for the club whether he continues or not.”

Corinthians enters the field this Sunday, starting at 4 pm (GMT), to face Internacional, at Neo Química Arena, in a direct fight for the G4 – both teams have 42 points.

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