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Meet the Brazilian gold medalists at the World Beer Awards

The Brazilian beer demonstrated its value in the 2022 edition of the World Beer Awards, one of the most important brewing awards on the planet, by winning five gold medals in the competition for styles. The winners were two Pale-type labels (Red Sönja, from Stannis, elected the best Beer Amber, and Diavolo, from Noi, the winner of Biére De Garde & Saison), which added to the triumphs of Wäls Dubbel, from Campinas IPA Zero and Unika Caju & Pitanga, in the Beer Belgian Style Dubbel categories. Best No & Low Alcohol IPA and Catharina Sour, respectively.

However, do you already know the characteristics of these Brazilian beers that shone in the prestigious contest that had a total of 3,200 labels from more than 50 countries registered this year? In recognition of the achievements of the brands that produced these drinks and with the aim of introducing them to readers, the Guide describes the attributes and inputs used in the composition of these recipes awarded the gold medal by the judges in London. In addition, it brings opinions from representatives of these breweries, who celebrated the achievements by commenting on their products.

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Check out the peculiarities of each of the gold medal beers for Brazil at the 2022 World Beer Awards below:

Campinas IPA Zero, best No & Low Alcohol IPA
Gold in one of the categories of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beers, Campinas IPA Zero is brewed with a triple dry hopping process of North American Sabro and Citra hops, has a citrusy and intense aroma, in addition to presenting the characteristic bitterness. of an IPA.

Bottled in 355ml long neck bottles, the drink has only 68 calories, 40 IBUs of bitterness and 0.4% alcohol. The low alcohol content, in turn, requires its pasteurization to be much more intense than that carried out in the production of the other styles of the brand. To achieve the best possible quality, the beer is subjected to fine temperature controls during brewing and maximum asepsis in dry hop.

“For Cervejaria Campinas it is very important to participate in some of the best beer contests in Brazil and in the world. The result of the sensorial analyzes made by the specialized judges help us with feedback and north of what is being expected for IPA Zero. Earning a medal like this rewards all the work that has been put in. IPA Zero from Campinas is a very different beer and most people who try it do not believe that it does not have alcohol”, emphasizes Giovanna Martinez, responsible for the marketing and relationship sector of the brewery in the largest city in the interior of São Paulo.

Noi Diavolo, best Biére De Garde & Saison

Bronze medalist at the 2018 European Beer Star and then silver at the 2019 World Beer Awards, Belgian Strong Ale style Noi Diavolo maintained its climb by taking gold in this edition of the competition in London. Aged in oak barrels previously used to rest Chardonnay wine, the drink was elected the best “Biére de Garde & Saison”.

Dark orange in color, it is produced with a long aging process to acquire wine characteristics, this beer has 8.6% alcohol content, 16 IBUs of bitterness and has an aroma and taste of honey, lemon, melon, white grapes and vanilla. Due to these characteristics, it harmonizes well with fish, seafood and aged cheeses.

“Diavolo already has an international history, medaled at the European Beer Star, in 2018, but the gold at the World Beer Awards brings a different shine, especially this year, when we have won many awards”, celebrates Bárbara Buzin, director of NOI, when comment on the feat achieved in the English capital.




Stannis Red Sonja, best Pale Beer Amber

Beer named after the great warrior from the comics of the hero Conan the Barbarian, Red Sönja is characterized by its intense reddish body and has a malty aroma, which provides initial sweetness and dry roasted final taste. With 16 IBUs of bitterness, 5% alcohol, being produced with Czech Saaz hops. The beer is an Irish Red Ale sold in 355ml and 500ml bottles.

“As much as we know about the quality of our products, thanks to the care used in production, from the choice of raw materials to the development of technology and process improvement, winning a contest as important as the World Beer Awards, where our beer competed with samples from all over the world, we are happy to endorse this quality”, emphasizes Eric de Lima, marketing coordinator at Stannis.

“Having the best Pale Beer Amber in the world has a special taste because Red Sönja was the first beer commercially produced by Stannis”, adds the brand professional.

Unika Cashew & Pitanga, best Catharina Sour
Triumphing at the World Beer Awards in a category of the first beer style globally recognized as Brazilian, Caju & Pitanga, from Unika, successfully mixes the two traditional national fruits of its name in the recipe and manages to extract from its brewing method a light and refreshing, low bitterness, 8 IBUs, and 5% ABV.

With remarkable acidity, it is a top-fermented wheat beer that always has fruit added in its composition. And the award-winning label in London made the brewery from Rancho Queimado (SC) celebrate its tenth medal in national and international contests of the year, and this was the fifth gold medal.

Bruno Koerich, co-owner of Unika, highlights how this expressive achievement at the World Beer Awards is special for the brand. “The Catharina Sour is our style, from Brazil, and Caju & Pitanga uses these two very Brazilian ingredients in the recipe. This mixture may seem unlikely, but the result showed that the two flavors brought a unique identity to the beer, which is one of more than 36 produced throughout the year by the Rancho Queimado brewery, in Santa Catarina”, he celebrates.

Wäls Dubbel, best Beer Belgian Style Dubbel

Premium label that is part of Ambev’s portfolio, this beer is a Belgian Strong Ale Dubbel that had its high quality awarded at the World Beer Awards and crowned the good performance of the brand of the largest brewery in Brazil in the competition. Dark brown in color, dense and long-lasting foam, in addition to an aroma of dried fruits with notes of spices and special malts, the drink has an alcohol content of 7.5% and palate with a persistent, slightly spicy and quite dry roasted taste.

Wäls Dubbel’s recipe is composed only of water, barley malt, sugar, hops, raisin extract and yeast. Sold in 375ml bottles closed with cork and strong bitterness, 25.4 IBUs, this beer pairs well with fatty red meats, game meats, wild birds and desserts with touches of chocolate, as described by the brand on its official website.

“We are delighted that Wäls Dubbel surprised the palate of experts around the world. It is gratifying to know that we have been recognized for the quality of our beer, among so many countries, with such different tastes. We are returning home not only with a feeling of accomplishment, but also with a lot of learning and the desire to conquer even more horizons”, said Sybilla Geraldi, coordinator of knowledge and brewing culture at Ambev.

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