at the City of Rock’s gates, queues and high expectations for the first day of concerts

at the City of Rock’s gates, queues and high expectations for the first day of concerts
at the City of Rock’s gates, queues and high expectations for the first day of concerts

The opening of the City of Rock gates, at 2 pm this Friday (2), did not end the queue of fans eager to enjoy the first day of Rock in Rio 2022 shows. Rock City was already big. Technical consultant Guilherme, 28, came from Belo Horizonte with his cousin and nephew to see the band Iron Maiden.

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In his first time at the festival, Guilherme praised the organization to reach Parque dos Atletas. He said he parked his car in the parking lot of a nearby mall and walked to the City of Rock.

“It was very peaceful. We stopped at the mall and everything was very organized, signposted. Expectations are high for the event. I came to enjoy today’s heavy metal,” he said excitedly.

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Brazilian Bianca Lopes, 43, has lived in Chile since she was 7 and returned to Brazil with her three Chilean friends to see Iron Maiden and Dream Theater for the first time. The friends arrived at 9 am this Friday in Rio and return to Chile tomorrow at 7 am.

— We took a plane and came to Brazil just to see the show today. Our first time watching Iron Maiden,” said Bianca.

The city entered the mobilization stage at noon this Friday due to the beginning of Rock in Rio and the traffic bans around the event. The mobilization stage is the second level on a scale of one to five and means that there is a risk of high impact occurrences in the city.

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The deputy mayor of the West Zone, Talita Galhardo, was also in the City of Rock and reinforced the work of the city hall in the region. According to her, there were some apprehensions of street vendors without authorization and the inspection of irregular parking near the event.

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— We have the surrounding area impacted, but we are working hard to have the least possible impact on those who are in the vicinity. I believe it will be a success. Rio de Janeiro has this face: events, hugs, contact. I think it’s very nice and we have to take advantage of it and welcome people, especially from outside the city, very well, to show that Cariocas are a people who receive very well – highlighted Talita.

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Student Diana Cristina, 19, came to Rock in Rio for the second time and reported that it was a unique experience. She left São João del Rei, in Minas Gerais, by caravan for this Friday’s show.

— It’s a unique experience, you can go to any show that’s not the same. I came to Iron Maiden and Bullet For My Valetine. Anything goes for them,” she said.

Erica dos Santos, 34, is a fan of the festival and has been coming to every edition since 2011. She left Maringá, Paraná, and arrived in the city this morning. Although she had no problems getting there, she felt the lack of transport at the bus station that would go straight to the event.

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— It was easy to arrive, but I thought there could be a Rock Express bus at Rodoviária Novo Rio. I came alone and as I was insecure, I ended up taking a taxi here,” she explained.

Before entering the event, she said that she intends to stay very close to the grid to watch Iron Maiden up close.

The group of friends from Minas Gerais, Adriana and Robson Abreu, Amanda Carvalho, Enio Moura and Luciana Muzzomoura also took the road to see the English heavy metal band. The friends left Pouso Alegre at dawn and will return to the city of Minas Gerais right after the last show. For the second time at Rock in Rio, the group said that they waited for this moment anxiously, mainly because of the wait caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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