2023 Budget Rapporteur wants to discuss solutions for the Income Tax table – News

2023 Budget Rapporteur wants to discuss solutions for the Income Tax table – News
2023 Budget Rapporteur wants to discuss solutions for the Income Tax table – News

09/01/2022 – 16:47

Roque de Sá/Senate Agency

Marcelo Castro also said he wants to offer a readjustment greater than 5% for public servants

The rapporteur for the 2023 Budget, Senator Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI), criticized the government for not sending, together with the project (PLN 32/22), solutions for the correction of the Income Tax table for individuals and for the additional R$ 200 from Auxílio Brasil next year. He also said that he wants to offer a greater readjustment to public servants in the Executive compared to the 18% requested by the Judiciary by 2024.

In the presentation of the budget project, the government informed that the resources in the piece are sufficient for a linear readjustment of less than 5% for the Executive servers from January. For Castro, the situation is unfair. “Because a large part of the servers, especially the Executive, have not readjusted since 2017 and this accumulated is around 30%”, he said.

The rapporteur will propose a study to deepen the analysis with the objective of raising the readjustment for the Executive server to a level close to the Judiciary, Public Ministry and Public Defender’s Office.

Regarding the Income Tax table, the Special Secretary for the Treasury and Budget, Esteves Colnago, said that there are projects being processed in Congress that seek to raise other rates to compensate for the correction of the table, with no readjustment since 2015. But Castro said it is a task government to propose solutions, including for Auxílio Brasil.

“He says that, but he doesn’t propose solutions. It sounds like a candidate speech. Because who is not government, he promises. Whoever is a government does not need to promise, he proposes. And evidently the Legislature is here to dialogue”.

Rapporteur’s amendments
The rapporteur acknowledged that the 2023 Budget is tight, as it only has R$ 99 billion for expenses with maintenance of the public machine and investments. That is, without counting personnel and pensions. The total is equivalent to only 6.3% of the fiscal budget. For the first time, the government even suggested where the rapporteur should allocate the so-called rapporteur amendments (RP9) that have gained prominence since 2020.

The government allocated R$ 19.4 billion in the area of ​​health in order to comply with the constitutional minimum and another R$ 3.5 billion for personnel readjustments. The remaining resources were directed to seven other ministries. Marcelo Castro said he will talk to the other parliamentarians about this direction.

“I cannot impose my will. Of course I will talk to the Joint Budget Committee, discuss the proposal that came from the government, discuss with party leaders. We will most likely have many discussions with the economic team until we can agree on a solution that can be accepted by everyone”.

The rapporteur questioned, however, why only R$ 524 million were directed to the Ministry of Infrastructure, which, according to him, needs more resources. Asked about the volume of the rapporteur’s amendments in relation to the total of expenses that can be cut – almost 20% of the total – Marcelo Castro said that the criteria used by parliamentarians to allocate the money are, for the most part, correct.

Opposition parliamentarians criticize the rapporteur’s amendments for having, according to them, a selective appropriation by deputies and senators of the government’s support base. In addition, they would be distorting the budget piece by pulverizing resources that could be focused on public policy priorities.

For Marcelo Castro, all these issues will have to be discussed with the president who will be elected this year.

Report – Sílvia Mugnatto
Editing – Georgia Moraes

The article is in Portuguese

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