Soybean prices fall in Brazil today

Soybean prices fall in Brazil today
Soybean prices fall in Brazil today

O Brazilian soy market was slow on Thursday (1st), with only occasional business records.

The appreciation of the dollar helped domestic prices not fall so much, as the Chicago Stock Exchange closed lower.

In Passo Fundo (RS), the 60-kilo bag dropped from R$185 to R$183.

In the Missões region, the price dropped from R$184 to R$182.

At the Port of Rio Grande, the price increased from R$191 to R$189.

In Cascavel, Paraná, the price remained at R$ 186.

In the port of Paranaguá (PR), the bag devalued from R$ 192.50 to R$ 191.50.

In Rondonópolis (MT), the bag went from R$173.50 to R$172.

Soy in Chicago

Soybean futures contracts traded on the Chicago Commodity Exchange (CBOT) closed Thursday with lower prices, for the fourth consecutive session.

The risk of a global recession and the lockdown in China put the consumption of the oilseed in check, amid a scenario of ample supply.

The risk aversion scenario in the financial sector also causes a flight of resources from investments in commodities to safer options.

The weather continues to favor the development of crops in the United States and the expectation of a full harvest is consolidating every day. To complete, the projections are for an increase in area in Argentina and Brazil.

After the confusion in the release of the data last week, the report of weekly American shipments was postponed. Traditionally released on Thursdays, the ad will only run again on the 15th.

A new sale of 396,000 tonnes of US soybeans by private exporters to undisclosed destinations was announced.

Soybean grain contracts for November delivery closed down 27.75 cents or 1.95% at $13.94 3/4 a bushel.

The January position was priced at $13.99 3/4 a bushel, down 28.00 cents or 1.96%.

In by-products, the December position of bran closed up by US$ 0.20 or 0.04% at US$ 415.30 per ton.

In oil, contracts maturing in December closed at 63.59 cents on the dollar, with a gain of 3.89 cents or 5.76%.

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