Police investigate death of seven dogs because of contaminated snack

Police investigate death of seven dogs because of contaminated snack
Police investigate death of seven dogs because of contaminated snack
Delegate Danbia Quadros, responsible for the police investigation that investigates the death of animals (photo: Mariana Costa/EM/DA Press)

The Civil Police announced this Thursday afternoon (9/1) that it is investigating the deaths of six dogs – and interns of six – in Belo Horizonte and one in the city of Piumhi, in the West Region of Minas Gerais.

Two other deaths that took place in So Paulo will be investigated by the police of the state of São Paulo. It is suspected that snacks with toxic substances caused the deaths.

“The tutors went to the police station, but were told to go to the police station in So Paulo. The information has just arrived that another dog has died in Piumhi. The tutor bought a snack at a store in Belo Horizonte. The dog started to feel sick and was hospitalized in BH. He couldn’t get a blood transfusion in the capital, he returned to the interior of Minas and there he died”, said delegate Danbia Quadros, responsible for the police investigation, from the Specialized Police Station in Consumer Protection.

“Today we received three more reports, and one of them of a new snack, but the three snacks that were sent to be examined are from the same manufacturer”, declared the delegate. According to her, the products are from different batches.

Products sent for expertise

All snacks taken to the police station were sent to the Civil Police for technical-scientific expertise. “We await the reports regarding the snacks. Regarding the animals that were sent by the tutors to the Federal University of Minas Gerais, we have a preliminary report suggesting an intoxication of these animals. We await the reports of the dogs”, he informed.

The autopsy report carried out by the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) indicated that the clinical condition that led to the death of the animals was “highly suggestive” of intoxication by ethylene glycol, a substance prohibited in food.

The delegate pointed out that the animals affected so far are small dogs, of the German and Yorkshire spitz breeds.

The responsible body at the Ministry of Agriculture has already been notified and is carrying out the investigation. “He is responsible for removing the products from the domestic market. There they are analyzing the possibility of withdrawing the products that are on sale”, he reported.

Also according to the delegate, the store responsible for selling the snacks has already removed the products from the shelves. “But the products are sold on other sites, on a national network. Therefore, it is important for the Ministry of Agriculture to analyze and remove these products from the national market,” she said.

The delegate also informed that both the store and the snack manufacturer are providing the necessary information for the investigation of the case: “We need to analyze the reports to conclude whether the deaths, hospitalizations and intoxications came from the consumption of these snacks”.

Guidance for pet owners of caution at this time. “Tutors with dogs feeling sick, having seizures, diarrhea or vomiting should seek care and the police station. There is no point in disclosing in groups, social networks, as we were unable to assess whether the intoxication, hospitalization or death occurred as a result of the ingestion of this product. It is important to look for the nearest police station to take criminal action”, he said.

There is no forecast for the results of the reports. If the link between the deaths and snacks is proven, those responsible can be held liable for the sale of goods unsuitable for consumption, with a penalty of two to five years and a fine.

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