Pantanal public goes into despair after the actor makes a revelation: ‘how am I going to live?’

Pantanal public goes into despair after the actor makes a revelation: ‘how am I going to live?’
Pantanal public goes into despair after the actor makes a revelation: ‘how am I going to live?’

Yes, the soap opera “Pantanal” is already ending, to the despair of the fans and the team involved with the project, which has also shown nostalgia for the end of the work.

This Thursday (1st), the actor Silvero Pereira, who plays the pawn Zaquieu in the feuilleton, revealed that the last scene of the entourage has already been recorded.

On social media, the artist posted behind-the-scenes photos of this recording and said he was distressed that the end was near.

“Last read by this entourage. There’s still a little time left on the air, but every scene completed on SET makes my heart tighten. It’s a lot of emotion and honor to share this experience with these giants in front of and behind the cameras”, began Silvero in his report.

The actor went on to say that the work will be eternal in his heart. “Pantanal teaches me so many things. From a gallop, a listening, a look of affection, to the laughter and professionalism. There… this farewell is already hitting hard, at the same time that it will forever echo love for all this!” , he finished.

Check out the photos from the recording of the last entourage scene of the soap opera:

In the comments, fans expressed despair at the fact that the plot was ending: “In a quérimbora of this soap opera”, “You’ll miss it, it’s just not, Pantanar!”, “For me, I would stay until the end of the year, I love you, I won’t miss a chapter “, “I want to see how I’m going to live after this soap opera ends, until today I haven’t gotten over the departure of Trindade, can you imagine without the soap opera?”, “I just wish this soap opera never ended!”.

What day Pantanal ends?

Biggest phenomenon on TV Globo in recent years, the soap opera “Pantanal” is coming to an end. But, do you know what day the Pantanal ends? The 21:00 feuilleton already has a date to leave the scene.

According to TV Globo itself, “Pantanal” is in its last month and the last chapter should be shown on October 7, 2022, a Friday, five days after the first round of this year’s elections. It is worth remembering that, depending on the edition, this date can be changed if Globo decides to extend the soap opera.

Until its penultimate week, the feuilleton will air at 8:55 pm, Mato Grosso do Sul time, due to the free electoral propaganda, which occupies part of the night programming of the stations and pushes some programs to later.

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