5 news from the Rooster that rocked (09/01)

5 news from the Rooster that rocked (09/01)
5 news from the Rooster that rocked (09/01)

Credit: Disclosure / Atlético-MG and Cruzeiro

Everything that happened at Atlético-MG today is summarized here at Torcedores so you can stay on top of the main news from Galo mineiro inside and outside the four lines. Come with us!

Atlético-MG today: Nathan Silva’s future

According to journalist Thiago Fernandes, during this Thursday’s Donos da Bola MG program, Fiorentina, from Italy, did not formalize a proposal by Nathan Silva and the defender will continue at Galo.

“Fiorentina’s proposal was not made. It could happen, it hadn’t been done yet, but the Italian club was studying the possibility. The transfer window in Italy ended at noon today in Brazil. As so far there has been no proposal, Nathan Silva remains at Atlético until the end of this season”, said Thiago.

Zaracho in Porto? Not for now

Thiago Fernandes, during the program Donos da Bola de Minas Gerais, spoke about Porto’s interest in Zaracho and cleared the negotiation.

“About Zaracho and Porto, there on July 18 there was a meeting between two Portuguese agents with the president of Porto. At this meeting, they offered the name of Zaracho, who could act as an intermediary. Porto approved. From there, they went after the player’s staff to understand the situation. At that moment, the staff said that a proposal for less than 20 million euros they imagined that Atletico would not release. The Rooster was not even looked for, but the athlete’s representatives”, says Thiago.

“So, in fact, there was this interest. Porto approved, but when they found out about the values, they ended up backing down in the negotiations”, he added.

President compares Galo with a rival in Serie A

Atlético-MG president Sérgio Coelho gave an interview to Rádio Itatiaia and opened the game about the club’s financial crisis. The representative even compared Galo with a rival in the Brazilian Championship Series A: Flamengo and its millionaire signings.

“We are not going to deceive the fans by saying that we are going to assemble a team full of stars if we have to come under these conditions. What we are trying to do, and we are succeeding, is to strengthen the team without having to invest in economic rights”, said the president of Atlético-MG.

“Go buy a Pavón so you can see the price. Go buy an Ademir. It is a very strong cast, few in Brazil have the same”, she concluded.

“Atltico’s debt is the largest, in the last balance sheet it is R$ 1.3 billion. Atletico could, instead of being the Brazilian champion of the Copa do Brasil, have a team compatible with their finances. Maybe he wouldn’t be demoted, he would fight not to fall, but settling his scores. When he assembles such an expensive team, he evidently increases the indebtedness”, analyzed Mauro Cezar in participation in the Bate Pronto program, on Jovem Pan radio.

Renewal of Cuca

Jorge Nicola recently spoke with coach Cuca and questioned the coach about the possibility of renewing the coach with the Minas Gerais club. See the answer!

“The press from Minas has been saying that the contract renewal has been agreed. I talked to Cuca before recording this video if the negotiations for his renewal were hot with Atlético-MG and he replied: ‘ice cold’. Then I tried to find out if the negotiations had started and he replied that there is no negotiation yet and that the focus is to recover the Rooster in the Brasileirão”, said Nicola on his Youtube channel.

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