Suzy Brasil, a professional transgressor

Suzy Brasil, a professional transgressor
Suzy Brasil, a professional transgressor

Suzy Brasil is an old acquaintance of Rio’s underground gay nightlife. For almost three decades, the iconoclastic and transgressive character has made fun of the peculiarities of the LGBTQIA+ universe, practicing a scenic language that combines the aesthetics of stand-up comedy with good old dubbing. In recent years, the eschatological Suzy has extrapolated the limits of nightclubs, consolidating herself on traditional theater stages and as a TV screenwriter. Last week, for example, she concluded the season of the “Cabaré comedy show”, at the Miguel Falabella Theater, started writing a new show with Gilberto Gawronski and resumed the rehearsals of the monologue “Bye bye, Bangu”, which premiered this Friday. fair (2).

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— Rose Bom Bom told me I would never get rid of Suzy. It’s been 28 years since the first show. I think she was right,” says Marcelo Costa, the actor and former biology teacher who asked to be released from the public network to dedicate himself fully to art.

Rose Bom Bom is one of Marcelo’s humorous references. The son of a circus clown, the artist Pedro Paulo da Costa, who died in 2011, was responsible for Suzy Brasil’s premiere that night.

At the age of 17, in 1994, young Marcelo offered to present a late-afternoon comedy pocket show at a bar in Copacabana. The establishment operated across from the Stop Night nightclub, where Rose performed, and by chance, she ended up watching the sketch of the kid dressed as a drag clown. And she didn’t hesitate to invite him to debut alongside her that same week. Suzy Brasil was born.

— “Suzy” because we thought it was a popular name and “Brasil” because she represents all this wonderful mix that is our country — explains Marcelo.

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By becoming part of the cast of “Buzina da Rose”, a show that satirized Chacrinha’s freshman contests, Marcelo had to circumvent not only the laws that prohibit a minor from going to nightclubs, but also his family, who had no no idea what the boy did almost every night. The most common excuse was that he would meet “the people from the theater group” from the spiritist center he attended, in Penha, the neighborhood where he lives to this day.

To avoid the paternal eyes, he kept all the paraphernalia used in presentations at friends’ houses during the first ten years of his career. Only at 27, when he was already making some money, did he feel comfortable opening the game. There was no conflict. But it was his grandmother, Miss Celly, who died last year, who encouraged him the most.

— When I left the house with my makeup on, she made a point of accompanying me to the car to show the neighborhood that she supported me. When she was hospitalized, she told the nurses that she was “Suzy Brasil’s grandmother” – she says.

The family side of drag also manifests itself with its children. Marcelo is the father of Jonathan and Guilherme, 20 and 22 years old, respectively. Guilherme is a biological son, born to a great friend, whose name Marcelo prefers not to say.

“She worked with me at a nightclub and we got really close. I ended up adopting the child she already had and we decided to have our own. It was real, ok! — The actor is amused, reinforcing that he never married the boys’ mother, who remains his friend.

Also active behind the scenes, Marcelo was the official scriptwriter for all seasons of the “Ferdinando Show”, starring Marcus Majella, on Multishow.

— When the idea for the talk show came up, I immediately thought of Suzy, both as a screenwriter and an actor. It’s good to have such a daring artist around — says Majella, who is also part of the cast of “Vai que cola”, an attraction for which Marcelo is a collaborator screenwriter.

Suzy’s next steps will be in the theater. In the monologue “Bye bye, Bangu”, by Diogo Camargos, which premieres today at Teatro Cândido Mendes, Suzy embodies a retired woman about to embark on a journey she dreamed of having taken when she was young.

Later this year, she will also star in a theatrical project at the invitation of actor, playwright and director Gilberto Gawronski.

— Suzy/Marcelo is a very sophisticated artist, with whom I still want to do a lot of things — says Gawronski, who writes with Marcelo (or is it Suzy?) from Brazil to the present day.

If Suzy is Brazil, the protagonist

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