Tici Pinheiro surprises at Hoje Em Dia and exposes Tralli’s secret

Tici took advantage of one of the topics of Hoje Em Dia to talk about a custom that her husband has behind the scenes at Globo

Despite working on two of the country’s main broadcasters, Ticiane Pinheiro and César Tralli do not usually comment on the couple’s intimate life when they are on the air for record and for Globe respectively. However, this Thursday, 01, the blonde ended up delivering a habit of her husband during Hoje Em Dia.

Everything happened during the frame ‘Diário das Celebridades’, when Keila Jimenez and Renata Alves were commenting on the healthy habits of the North American actor, Dwayne Johnson, the Rock.

Tici called a report about the unusual habit of the famous, who doesn’t give up his ‘fit’ lunch box even when he goes out to visit some fancy restaurants.

“Speaking of The Rock, the movie star and owner of one of the highest fees in cinema takes his own lunch box anywhere,” announced the famous, before Hoje Em Dia aired a report on the subject.

Back in the studio, Keila, Renata Alves and Tici Pinheiro discussed the unusual habit and it was there that César Tralli’s wife compared the habit of the Globo anchor to that of the movie star.

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“It’s good to have dinner with Gracyanne[ Barbosa] not that the two open the lunch box”, compared the columnist for Record, laughing. “But let me tell you, my husband takes a lunch box to work every day, but with pasta, with parmigiana, with substance!”, revealed Tici Pinheiro, delivering the Tralli habit backstage at Globo.

The presenters of the attraction burst out laughing and Keila even asked a question about Tralli to her colleague from Record: “ But not in the restaurant, right?”. “No, no, then I wouldn’t even go there”, said Ticiane. “Very boring, isn’t it?”, pinned Renata Alves, referring to the rigidity that the actor has with food.

A few weeks ago, César Tralli himself used social networks to talk about the custom of ‘lunchboxing’ behind the scenes at Globo. The JH anchor posted a photo on his Instagram and highlighted his preference for homemade food.

César Tralli published a photo 'marmiting' during a break at Globo
César Tralli published a photo ‘marmiting’ during a break at Globo- Photo: Reproduction/Instagram


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