Youtuber truck driver resumes movements and returns to drive after serious accident – News

Youtuber truck driver resumes movements and returns to drive after serious accident – News
Youtuber truck driver resumes movements and returns to drive after serious accident – News

Seven months after suffering a serious accident BR-174, in Mato Grosso, the life of truck driver youtuber Aline Fuchter is returning to normal. After five surgeries on her face, arm and leg, the influencer resumed her movements, bought a new truck and returned to the roads. Her daily life has been shared with thousands of people on her social networks.

On Youtube, Aline shares details of her overcoming, from the apprehensive days, before complex surgeries – such as the one she had to have to reconstruct part of her face – to achievements, such as the new truck. It is a Scania R 450 year 2021, valued at R$ 640 thousand by the Fipe Table.

Before returning to the heavy freight routine, Fuchter made tests with shorter trips, with around 300 km, but has already traveled more than 2 thousand km with a load. On his first trip with the new truck, he celebrated the fact that he wasn’t afraid to drive through the night. “I did everything as before. I wasn’t afraid of anything”, he celebrated.


Despite the return to routine, Aline’s dedication to full recovery remains high. In February, the truck driver confessed that walking again would already be a victory. Today, she has resumed almost all movements. She credits her health, good diet and exercise.

“I’ve never been one to take energy drinks, rivets, those things. Just a cup of coffee. I didn’t stop exercising any day, even in a wheelchair”, he recalls.

Aline Fuchter shares her daily life on the roads with her followers on social media

Image: Reproduction

How was the accident

The accident happened on January 13, on BR-174, in Mato Grosso. Aline was driving her Scania R480 truck when she was surprised by a part that came loose from another cargo vehicle that was coming in the opposite direction. According to her, the piece hit her left front tire, which burst and caused her to lose her steering and hit the cage of another truck.

At the time, she was accompanied by her friend Lauren Matheus, who did not need to be hospitalized, and her dog Belinha, who also survived without serious injuries.

According to the truck driver, at the time of the accident, her speed was about 40 km/h, but it was not enough to prevent the occurrence. She also claims that, even with years down the road, she never imagined going through a situation like this.

“God kept me in a very small box. Because for you to see, we have no idea where the steering wheel of the truck ended up. God stayed with me so I wouldn’t die, because the business was ugly”, says the truck driver, relieved.

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