Death of Brazilian star interrupts soap opera

7 months have passed since the death of Elza Soares, one of the most famous artists in the country

January 20th was marked by the death of one of Brazil’s biggest stars. To break the news, the Globe hurriedly entered the schedule, confirming the artist’s goodbye.

It is none other than Elza Soares. At the time, the broadcaster cut the transition from O Clone, in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, to the extinct Malhação, when Renata Vasconcellos, from the Jornal Nacional bench, said goodbye to the singer.

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Throughout the day, several other calls were made on Globo. Elza Soares was 91 years old and had her last moments in the house where she lived with her family, in Rio de Janeiro. At an advanced age, she died of natural causes, as reported by her team.

“Icon of Brazilian music, considered one of the greatest artists in the world, the singer elected as the Voice of the Millennium had an apotheotic, intense life, which moved the world with her voice, her strength and her determination”, read one of the excerpts of the note. .

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Elza Soares may have her body exhumed (Photo: Reproduction)
Elza Soares died at the age of 91 and Globo joined Jornal Nacional to break the news (Photo: Reproduction)

New phase of Globo

Since last year, Globo has been facing a series of changes. All of them hit both journalism and the entertainment sector.

Several portfolios were written off and countless professionals were fired, especially the older ones, who received a veritable fortune in salary. According to a statement from the broadcaster itself, the intention is to reduce the budget.

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