IZA talks about fashion in her new release and reinforces the importance of female union: “It’s a disservice to be inciting competition between us” | Fashion

IZA talks about fashion in her new release and reinforces the importance of female union: “It’s a disservice to be inciting competition between us” | Fashion
IZA talks about fashion in her new release and reinforces the importance of female union: “It’s a disservice to be inciting competition between us” | Fashion

At 31 years old, IZA became one of the most powerful artists of her generation. Owner of hits that have already become classics, the carioca surpassed the areas expected by a pop singer, becoming a representative of so many women in the music industry and, more than that, in Brazil and the world. The singer promises to expand her Empire even more with the release of the EP Three, scheduled for next Friday (2), and starring in a great shoe campaign. Want more? IZA goes up on the World Stage of Rock in Rio next Sunday (4), opening the way for Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber. Only for those who can, right? Check out our conversation about empowerment, fashion, and career with Empress below.

1 of 2 IZA — Photo: Publicity / Ipanema

IZA — Photo: Publicity / Ipanema

Iza, a lot is said about the “female rivalry” that music, and especially pop, can have. Have you had any experience with this during your career? How it was?
I find the parallels they draw between women artists dangerous. Every path is a path. I’m inspired by many artists, no doubt, but there’s no reason to create rivalry between us. The media tends to compare singers, women, all the time. Things like: “she’s the new so-and-so” and that’s really bad for all of us. Each one is working hard, we respect each other a lot, we admire each other even more, we exchange messages and ideas all the time.

In contrast to this scenario, for you, what is the importance of female union in particular, in the music industry?
We are more concerned with opening doors for other girls and doing our jobs than thinking about the competition and rivalry it imposes on us. We are multiple, hardworking, dedicated, each one has its space, there is no reason to compete. It’s a disservice to music to keep inciting competition between us.

The topic reflects directly on the campaign Semper Together that IZA stars, alongside Ipanema. “I think it’s very important to be present in a campaign like the one in Ipanema, in which we talk about women who reach their goals and dreams together, always supporting each other. We are showing in practice what happens in the daily lives of so many women in Brazil and how great it is. At the end of the day, we are all allies!

2 of 2 IZA — Photo: Publicity

IZA — Photo: Publicity

Was there an episode of female support and your career that marked you in a profound way?
Certainly. I can quote a very special episode for me. Early on in my career, I was getting ready to sign with the label and I didn’t have a lawyer to help me with that. Then, on one of my trips to the studio, I had the blessing and good fortune to meet with Vanessa da Matawho ended up listening to one of my songs, became interested in my work and offered to help me with whatever I needed. Soon after, I really needed her to guide me regarding the contract, because I had no idea what I was reading, and she was very generous, giving her lawyer so I wouldn’t go through it all on my own. Moments like this move me a lot and reinforce how important it is for us to be together, holding each other’s hands at all times. Helping each other only strengthens our walk.

Currently, how do you see the importance of fashion as an artistic expression in connection with your music?
I have always had a very special relationship with fashion. I was discovering how to express myself through fashion. I think it’s a really cool way to communicate with my fans, to say what I’m feeling. Everything in fashion, for me, needs to bring out the personality of each one, but they need to be comfortable too and be ready for the day to day of Brazilian. We have to feel inspired by the clothes, the shoes, and not intimidated. You can’t talk about fashion without talking about access.

By the way, what can we expect from the fashion on your new album?
Fashion and music, for me, go hand in hand. Clothes sing for me too, when I’m on stage and when I shoot my videos. I know they are a way to communicate, to feel safe, after all they are my allies. I like it when people pay attention to it and I understand the impact that fashion has on the lives of girls who are inspired by me and work. That’s why, for sure, an attentive look at fashion will always be present in my work. I always like to research, understand trends and, above all, know what I can do with my clothes.

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