Does apple whet your appetite? Expert explains greater feeling of hunger after fruit consumption – Nayana Siebra

Does apple whet your appetite? Expert explains greater feeling of hunger after fruit consumption – Nayana Siebra
Does apple whet your appetite? Expert explains greater feeling of hunger after fruit consumption – Nayana Siebra

O apple consumption brings many benefits to the body. The fruit is excellent for immunity and can be included in food plans aimed at weight loss. Despite the advantages, some people report feeling more hungry after eating the fruit. Will this really happen?

Nutritionist Fabiana Melo explains that this feeling can happen when a person has the dysfunctional gut microbiota. According to the professional, this is inhabited by numerous microorganisms and, when the individual eats healthy, the tendency is for the intestine to be populated by species that help various physiological processes, such as digestion and the production of vitamins.

In the case of apple consumption, the specialist details that they contain a substance called arabinose which, when fermented by intestinal fungi, produces tartaric acid, which causes hypoglycemia. That is, when there is an imbalance of the intestinal microbiota, with many fungi, there is an excess of tartaric acid in the body and, consequently, greater hunger associated with the consumption of the fruit.

The apple is a fruit of low calorie, rich in vitamins from the B, C and A complex, in addition to minerals (phosphorus and iron) and fibers, being anti-inflammatory and excellent for immunity. The nutritionist’s suggestion is to consume one to two units of fruit per day.

“Everything in excess is poison. So stay tuned. There is no evidence that reports intoxication after consuming a large amount of the fruit. But because it is rich in carbohydrates, it can cause some gastric discomfort, such as abdominal distension, gas, and pain”, he reinforces.

Fabiana Melo


The fruit, according to the professional, can also be included in functional menus aimed at weight loss. She recommends the apple as an ally at snack times and that it can be combined with nuts and coconut chips. “This enriches the meal and improves satiety – as it is tasty, cost-effective, and practical to keep in lunch boxes”.

Fabiana Melo reports that there is no evidence that the apple is directly associated with fat loss. She explains that, due to the properties of the fruit, it can help to increase satiety and, therefore, “reduce the impulse to consume too much calories, when combined with a healthy menu”.

apple diet

Some people in the quest to lose weight end up resorting to some types of diet that suggest eating apples several times a day. For Fabiana, this strategy is not functional, as she understands that the body needs several food sources – such as carbohydrates, proteins, good fats and fibers – for ample functioning.

For weight loss, she highlights a food plan that is individualized and meets the patient’s caloric needs.

Sleep help?

The nutritionist also indicates the consumption of apple at night. She explains that the food is “a light fruit, and very welcome after dinner. If the person does not have any discomfort after eating the fruit (gas and abdominal distension) there is no problem”.

The apple can be a great ally for those looking to have a good night’s sleep. According to the professional, the fruit has a component called quercetinwhich is inducing the serotonin to get melatonin (hormone that produces quality sleep).

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