Child returns from school with strangulation mark on neck and mother complains about lack of teachers: ‘school is in the middle of God’ | Sao Paulo

Child returns from school with strangulation mark on neck and mother complains about lack of teachers: ‘school is in the middle of God’ | Sao Paulo
Child returns from school with strangulation mark on neck and mother complains about lack of teachers: ‘school is in the middle of God’ | Sao Paulo

According to Mariana Marques, the boy’s mother, Bernardo returned from EMEI around 4 pm, when he was dropped off at home by the school van, with his twin brother. Shortly after, he complained of pain saying “mommy, my neck”. It was then that Mariana noticed the redness in the area and despaired.

When looking for the school to clarify the situation, the guardian came across a scenario hitherto unknown to her and the parents of the other children in her son’s class: lack of professors, lack of substitutes, professionals working double shifts and even “side jobs” in the institution. The Regional Board of Education (DRE) of Ipiranga denies the lack of teachers (see more below).

“The school is really in a good place”, described Mariana.

This Wednesday (31), a child was found dead on the soccer field of the CEU Meninos daycare, in the South Zone of São Paulo. Parents of space students suspect that the child has hanged himself with the goal net of the local soccer field.

In an interview with g1Bernardo’s mother reported that she was unable to contact the educational institution on the farm itself, so she attended the place the next day, Friday (26), accompanied by her son’s father, when she was attended by an employee who identified himself as a member of the school’s management group.

According to Mariana, EMEI representative Lucy Garcia Salgado started the conversation by exposing the problems that Bernardo’s class – one of the four that the school has – would be facing since the beginning of the year, the main one being the lack of sending professionals to replace teachers who are away for health reasonswhich is the responsibility of the Municipal Education Department.

In some cases, such as sprained feet during work, for example, teachers would be spending more time away due to waiting for medical expertise to be carried out than on the recommendation of health professionals. However, according to the EMEI representative, the secretariat only sends replacements for leave periods longer than 30 days.

One of the ways the school found to try to get around the issue, Mariana said, is through a “partnership” with another EMEI in the region, located less than 1.5 km from where Bernardo is enrolled. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, a teacher from the partner institution would be “doing an extra”, being responsible for the boy’s class.

Another form adopted is to see with the teachers of the EMEI Lucy Garcia Salgado who are available and willing to work after hours and thus double their working hours. If there is no one to stay with the class, the almost 30 students (from 4 to 6 years old) are distributed among the other that each one has an average of 40 children.

Mariana said that, during the meeting, the school representative admitted that students in a class without a fixed teacher are harmed by the situation, since the situation makes it difficult to bonding between these children and professionals. Furthermore, the manager blamed the “flawed system” of public education and the “lack of governance” of municipal schools on certain issuessuch as the replacement of teachers.

Asked about the replacement teacher allocation scheme, the DRE of Ipiranga, responsible for the area where the EMEI is located, Lucy Garcia Salgado, told the g1 that there is no shortage of staff, that classes have not been disrupted and that substitute teachers have been summoned and are in the classroom.

During the meeting they had at school, Bernardo’s parents were informed that, after an internal investigation with the teachers who worked in the boy’s room that Thursday, when the strangulation mark appeared, the management group learned that the class had carried out an activity with string on the morning of the 25th and that the school representative’s main suspicion was that this would have been the object used to leave the mark.

The mother said that, when she got home, she opened her internet browser, looked for a picture of string to show her son and asked if that was what had hurt him. The boy just replied “yes, mom, the white rope”. In another conversation with Mariana, in which she asked him who had done that, he even mentioned the name of two classmates, but the school representative told her mother that, according to a teacher, one of the children mentioned did not go to the school. school that Thursday.

“There’s not much to do about the little friends, you know?! They’re children too. The question is: where was the person responsible? [pela turma]?” said Mariana.

For Bernardo’s mother, what worries her the most is the fact that she doesn’t have concrete answers about what happened. “How come nobody saw it, nobody knows what time it was, how or where it went?”

According to Mariana, the boy cried a lot in the first few days when taking a shower and applying ointment, but the wound had already started to heal.

2 of 2 Boy shows bruise on his neck after almost a week — Photo: Personal archive

Boy shows bruise on his neck after almost a week – Photo: Personal archive

“What I want now is the immediate transfer to another school that has structure and that I can work in peace, knowing that my son will return home alive. This is the certainty I want; that he will have fun, learn and come home alive. I want this peace“, said the mother.

In a note, the Municipal Secretary of Education informed the g1 that the Regional Board of Education of Ipiranga determined an immediate investigation of the case and that it is available to Mariana for any clarification. The folder also said that “a meeting will be called for listening and clarification for the students’ parents”.

The Public Security Secretariat confirmed the registration of an electronic police report on Saturday (27) and informed that the case was referred to the 27th Police District – Campo Belo, which will investigate the incident.

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