Gasoline has lowest price reduction announced since July; see how much is left

As of this Friday (2), the average selling price of gasoline to distributors should fall again, reaching the lowest value since July. The reduction was announced by Petrobras, this Thursday (1st). The value will go from R$ 3.53 to R$ 3.28 per liter, a reduction of R$ 0.25.

Gasoline has fourth consecutive low; is the lowest value announced since July – Photo: Leo Munhoz/ND

This Friday’s reduction “follows the evolution of reference prices and is consistent with Petrobras’ pricing practice, which seeks to balance its prices with the global market”, says the company.

As the adjustment was in the amount passed on to the distributors, it is necessary to wait for it to come into effect to analyze the impact on the pumps.

Gasoline sold at gas stations receives a mandatory blend of 27% anhydrous ethanol. Based on this, Petrobras calculates that its share in the final cost for consumers will be R$ 2.39 per liter.

fourth reduction

This is the fourth consecutive time that the state-owned company has reduced the price of gasoline sold to distributors. In all, since July, there have been a reduction of R$ 0.78.

The first reduction was on July 19, when Petrobras announced a cut of R$ 0.20 per liter sale. Then, at the end of July, there was another decrease of R$ 0.15 for distributors.

Last announcement reduced BRL 0.18 per liter sold to distributors – Photo: Stefano Limana/NDTVLast announcement reduced BRL 0.18 per liter sold to distributors – Photo: Stevão Limana/NDTV

The last reduction in the value of gasoline was on August 16, when there was a drop of R$0.18 per liter, around 4.8% in the price of gasoline at refineries.

The dispute over the value of fuels led to the change of command of the state-owned company, by Caio Paes de Andrade. The current president was appointed by Bolsonaro and is the fourth in office during the current government. The name was approved by the company’s board in June.

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