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In line with the speech of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, on Wednesday (31), at night, Petrobras announced this Thursday, September 1, a 7% reduction in the price of a liter of gasoline in its refineries. . As of Friday (2), the average sale price of gasoline A from Petrobras to distributors will go from R$3.53 to R$3.28 per liter, a reduction of R$0.25 per liter.

Average sale price of gasoline A from Petrobras to distributors will rise from R$3.53 to R$3.28 per liter
Photo: João Ávila/GES-Especial

Bolsonaro said on Wednesday that there would be “good news” from Petrobras in that regard. “Fuel every week we have good news. Today is Wednesday, I think by Friday there will be more good news because it is being a practice of the new president of Petrobras”, said Bolsonaro in Curitiba, where he participated in a rally.

This is the fourth reduction in the price of the input at the state-owned refineries since July. The reduction “follows the evolution of reference prices and is consistent with Petrobras’ pricing practice, which seeks to balance its prices with the market, but without passing on to domestic prices the conjunctural volatility of international quotations and the exchange”, the state-owned company said in a note.

According to the company, considering the mandatory blend of 73% gasoline A and 27% anhydrous ethanol for the composition of gasoline sold at gas stations, Petrobras’ share of consumer price will rise from R$ 2.57, on average, to R$ $2.39 for every liter sold at the pump.

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