Military Police arrest suspected drug traffickers in Ouro Fino

Thiago Henrique Patucci and Vicente Pedroso de Moraes or Lasqueira (image – Alexandre Megale, Canal Sul das Gerais)

On the morning of this Thursday (01) the Ouro Fino Military Police arrested two men, one on suspicion of drug trafficking, the other on suspicion of association with drug trafficking and apprehended a minor for an infraction analogous to the association, in the district from Crisol.

The military carried out a search and seizure warrant issued by Judge Dr. João Claudio Teodoro and went to a residence. located at Rua Cônego Curimbaba in Crisólia. There, the police found 41 bags of cocaine, ready for sale, in addition to R$ 486.00 (four hundred and eighty-six reais) in cash, in addition to a cell phone belonging to the owner of the house, which will be examined to collect information about the possible trade in narcotics practiced there.

Vicente Pedroso de Moraes, known as Lasqueira, 51, and Thiago Henrique Patucci, 20, were arrested in the action. Moraes arrested on suspicion of illicit drug trafficking and Patucci on suspicion of association with trafficking. In the same operation, a minor with the initials ARS, aged 16, was apprehended on suspicion of an infraction analogous to the association with drug trafficking. Vicente Pedroso de Moraes, aka Lasqueira, was the owner of the house where the drug was seized, he was already under house arrest and wore an electronic ankle bracelet.

The three were taken to the CROP (Center for the Registration of Police Occurrences) located next to the Paulo Clepf Bus Terminal and later to the Ouro Fino Police Station. The adults must be sent to the prison in Pouso Alegre, since they were arrested in the act and the minor will be at the disposal of the Vara da Infância e Juventude.

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