Bem Viver Program brings a study that | podcast

Bem Viver Program brings a study that | podcast
Bem Viver Program brings a study that | podcast

A study carried out in Brazil with the support of international researchers reveals that there have been cases of co-infection with covid-19 and certain species of fungi in several countries around the world, raising the mortality rate to 80% in patients in these situations.

Published in August of this year in the international scientific journal Nature Microbiology, the work called Covid-19 associated with fungal infections monitored simultaneous infections in several locations.

Among the data revealed, the case that draws the most attention is the co-infection of covid with the species. aspergillus fumigatus. When it happened, there was an 80% fatality rate.

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In addition to aspergillosis, a disease caused by fungi of the genus aspergillus, two other groups cause simultaneous infections with covid. You mucorales are responsible for mucormycosis, which occurs mainly in India and Pakistan. The yeasts of the genus Candidain turn, cause candidiasis and are present in practically the entire planet.

In an interview with the program Bem Viver, from Radio Brasil de Fato, researcher Gustavo Henrique Goldman, one of the study’s coordinators, explains that “the fungus is waiting for an opportunity. When he sees that the patient is vulnerable, he attacks”.

Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto at the University of São Paulo (FCFRP-USP), Goldman adds that “covid is a disease that plays with the modulation of the patient’s immune system. One body response to this is inflammation. That’s a good thing, it’s a body response. But when there is excess, it is a bad thing. So the doctor tries to control this inflammation with a steroid, for example, then you give the fungus a chance”.

This type of medication is known to lower the patient’s immunity. Scientists even warned, especially during the pandemic, about the risk of indiscriminate use of corticosteroids, both by patients and doctors.

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Infections mostly occur in hospitals. “Fungi are everywhere. Even in the cleanest and most sanitized hospitals, they are there”, says the professor.

neglected disease

What worries the researcher most is the negligence with which the topic is treated. “Fungal diseases are highly neglected. Fungi kill more than tuberculosis and malaria in the world”, argues Goldman.

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Thinking about solutions, the professor believes that more funding is needed for research. In addition, he advocates the creation of care protocols and prognosis.

“It is very difficult to diagnose a fungal disease quickly. There are some diagnoses that have been implemented in the world, but they are expensive”, he points out.

unexplored world

“There are 1.5 to 5 million species of fungi. We know almost nothing”, denounces the researcher. According to Goldman, there are at least 200 species of fungi that can cause disease.

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At the same time, the professor reminds us that the versatility of the kingdom fungi it’s impressive. “Fungi are the most skillful living beings in decomposition. If it weren’t for them, we would have a huge biomass on earth”, he concludes.

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Editing: Geisa Marques

The article is in Portuguese

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