Subway strike: subway workers define today whether they will paralyze 100% of activities

A new general meeting of subway workers in Grande BH, scheduled for this Thursday (September 1), at 5:30 pm, will define the course of the strike in the category, which began last week. Employees protest against the subway privatization process, approved by the Federal Audit Court (TCU) last week.

According to the Union of Employees in Subway and Connected Transport of Minas Gerais (Sindmetro-MG) there are three possible scenarios for the direction of the walled movement.

Strike, return or total shutdown

The first possibility is the category to decide for the continuity of the movement, according to the injunction of the Regional Labor Court (TRT) that determined a minimum scale of 60% of the trips; another possibility is the end of the strike. The third scenario, as described by the acting president of Sindimetro-MG, Daniel Carvalho, is the “category of radicalizing the movement and not complying with the injunction, paralyzing 100% of the activities, subject to sanctions”.

Sindimetro-MG states that Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos (CBTU-BH) is weakening the movement of the category, by failing to comply with the determination of the Regional Labor Court (TRT) by offering more trips than necessary and calling servers off to work, paying them overtime.

“In practice, 87% of train trips are offered at peak times, a value higher than that determined by the TRT, which is 60% of trips. Before the strike, the interval between trips – at peak times – was every 8 minutes and, with the strike, it’s every 9 minutes”, says the president of the entity Daniel Carvalho.

In addition, the category argues that the privatization of the CBTU of the Greater BH subway gives more stability to servers, as was the case in Salvador (BA) and Fortaleza (CE), in which five-year stability was given. Under the current model, the company’s 1,600 servers will only have a 12-month warranty.

Sindimetro-MG criticizes the privatization model and calls the counterpart offered by the public power “Bolsa Empresarial”. “The federal government will transfer R$ 2.8 billion and the state government R$ 428 million to the company that wins the auction, which has an initial bid of R$ 22.7 million. What kind of privatization is this that you give a letter of credit to the entrepreneur and don’t invest the value in the subway itself?”, he asks.

The public notice for the privatization of the subway has not yet come out and, the forecast for publication of the event is still in September. The Federal Audit Court has already given a favorable opinion on the publication of the notice, after complying with the established recommendations.

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