See what is known about the arrest of a man known as ‘Escobar’, number 1 on the wanted list | Pernambuco

With arrest warrants for drug trafficking and homicide, Antônio André Sampaio de Sousa, 33, was the target of a campaign by the Ceará police that offered R$4,000 to anyone who gave clues about him. Antônio is considered by the authorities to be the most wanted criminal in the neighboring state (see video above).

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Known as ‘Escobar’, a man led a criminal faction in the Cariri region. Check out what is known and what remains to be clarified about it:

How was Antonio’s arrest?

A man was arrested this Wednesday (31) at an inn near the edge of Boa Viagem, in the South Zone of Recife. According to the Pernambuco Civil Police, the teams carried out arrest warrants and also carried out the arrest in the act for using a false document.

Head of the Robbery and Theft Police Station in Pernambuco, police chief Álvaro Grako reported that the man known as “Escobar” was using various locations in Boa Viagem to hide.

The investigation points out that he changed hostels frequently. The name of the establishment where he was arrested was not released, but the delegate said that the prisoner had arrived at the place at 2 pm on Tuesday (30).

Why is he called ‘Escobar’?

The man came to be called “Escobar”, in allusion to the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, who died in the 1990s. 80% of the world drug trade.

How long had he been wanted?

Antônio André Sampaio de Sousa had been on the run for more than five years. The corporation said he was considered “a priority target” by Ceará’s security authorities and was on the state’s Secretary of Security and Social Defense’s most wanted list.

For what crimes was he wanted?

According to the police, they had three arrest warrants for homicides, trafficking and illegal possession of a weapon open against him. Information from the Court of Justice of Ceará also shows cases against him for drug trafficking, crimes of the national weapons system, traffic crimes in the cities of Fortaleza and Crato.

Police in Pernambuco reported that Antônio André is involved with criminal groups operating throughout the country and led a faction in the Cariri region of Ceará.

Will he be imprisoned in Pernambuco?

Not. The man arrested in Recife must be taken by the police to Ceará, where he answers for the crimes. The date was not reported.

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