Who is and how youtuber gave millionaire coup in followers

the thai youtuber suchata Kongsupachak, known as Nutty, is missing after being accused of stealing 2 billion baht from her followers.

According to police, the 30-year-old dancer may have claimed more than 6,000 victims. She urged fans to invest in her company in the foreign exchange market. The promised return was 25% on 3-month contracts and 30% on 6-month contracts, according to Asian trading site NextShark.

To convince his more than 840,000 followers, Suchata showed off a life of luxury on social media, with cars, watches and expensive designer belongings.

“She used to post pictures on social media showing her wealth with luxury cars, watches, bags and properties, while claiming that she had obtained them from investments in a brokerage,” said the head of the investigation, Watthana Ketumpaito nation Thailand.

Suchata Kongsupachak boasted on social media

Image: Playback/Instagram

However, in May, she announced to followers that she owed 1 billion baht (R$ 142 million) to her investors. In a short clip on Instagram, Suchata said that her broker had blocked her funds and her trading account since March, but would try to return the money. Since then, she has practically disappeared from her social media.


So far, 102 victims have lodged complaints with the authorities, totaling 30 million baht (R$4.2 million). Many victims say they lost all their money. One person alone would have deposited 18 million baht (R$2.5 million) into Suchata’s bank account.

Investors offered a reward of 5 million baht (R$ 710,000) for information on the whereabouts of the influencer, who is believed to have fled to a neighboring country.

f - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Suchata Kongsupachak hit followers

Image: Playback/Instagram

Further investigations found that the company’s youtuber was also allegedly linked to another fraud case in Singapore, in which a Thai woman and her Singaporean husband were accused of defrauding customers with luxury watches and branded goods.

An arrest warrant was issued for Suchata, but she had already left Thailand.

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