It is false that Simone Tebet let a doctor be humiliated at the Covid CPI

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Investigated Content: Tweet from the Família Direita Brasil profile accuses Senator Simone Tebet of not preventing doctor Nise Yamaguchi from being humiliated at the Covid CPI. In the debate on TV Bandeirantes, Tebet denied having participated in the session.

where it was published: Twitter.

Completion of Proof: It is false that Senator Simone Tebet (MDB), candidate for the presidency of the Republic, let the doctor Nise Yamaguchi be humiliated during testimony at the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) of Covid in June 2021, as suggested by a tweet. The statement was initially made by the president and candidate for reelection, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), during a debate on TV Bandeirantes, on Sunday, 28, and was echoed by supporters on social media.

Tebet was not a full member of the CPI and was not present on the day of the session, June 1, 2021. As there was no woman among the 11 full members and seven alternates of the collegiate, the women’s bench of the Senate, then led by Tebet, organized in a relay to participate in the sessions.

On the day of the testimony of Yamaguchi, who was heard by the CPI for having defended ineffective treatments against covid and on suspicion of being part of a “parallel cabinet” of the government, five senators participated throughout the session. During the testimony, the doctor was frequently interrupted by the senators. As stated by the presidential candidate in the debate, senator Leila Barros (PDT-DF) asked for respect for Yamaguchi and for her to have the possibility to present her arguments. The pedestrian’s advice confirmed to Comprova that she talked to Tebet, during the session, about the constant interruptions suffered by the doctor during her speech and that she decided to go to the plenary to intercede in favor of Yamaguchi, even though she did not agree with the doctor’s position.

False, for Comprova, is content invented or edited to change its original meaning.

Scope of publication: The Twitter post had 4,500 interactions as of August 29. It was deleted after Comprova contacted the author.

What the author of the publication says: To Comprova, he informed that he only reproduced the president’s speech and did not issue an “opinion on the fact”. “Now, with your clarification, we will remove the post,” he said.

How do we check: First, we look for the part of the debate in which Bolsonaro makes the statement about Tebet. Next, we looked for news from the day of Nise Yamaguchi’s deposition to find out if she was really humiliated and if someone intervened in her defense. In addition, we looked for information on the Senate website about which women were present on the day of the doctor’s testimony and how the members who will compose the CPI are chosen.

We also contacted the press offices of Simone Tebet, who did not respond, and Leila Barros, who confirmed that the dialogue between the two took place. Finally, we contacted the author of the post, who said he only reproduced the president’s speech and deleted the post.

Bolsonaro said Tebet let a doctor be humiliated

During the debate between the presidential candidates, promoted by TV Bandeirantes, Folha de S. Paulo and by UOL, on Sunday, 28, Bolsonaro accused candidate Simone Tebet of having been conniving with the humiliations suffered by doctors Nise Yamaguchi and Mayra Pinheiro during their testimony at the Covid CPI last year.

The accusation was made in response to a question from the emedebista, who asked Bolsonaro why he would be “so angry with women”. The moment can be seen from the following minutes of this video: 5m30.

To answer the question, Bolsonaro says: “Accuss me without any proof. […] Why this cheap way of accusing me, like I don’t like women? […] Two women went to the Covid CPI: Ms. Nise Yamaguchi and Ms. Mayra [Pinheiro], from Ceara. They were mistreated, they were abused, they were humiliated. Where was Your Excellency? Which was from the covid commission. I was hiding, supporting Renan Calheiros, Omar Aziz, supporting these people”.

The senator then replies that she was not present on the day and that she called senator Leila Barros (at the time of the PSB, today in the PDT-DF), present at the session, and that she intervened in favor of Nise. “We had a rotation, at the beginning we could be a woman. As soon as I heard Dr. Nise being attacked, she was a victim of political violence, yes, I don’t agree with her ideas, but she was a victim of violence. I called Senator Leila, who was in the rotation and, even though she was opposed by the current president, defended Dr. Nise demanding that she be respected,” she said.

On the day, Leila Barros actually intervened on Nise’s behalf and asked for respect for the witness. After nearly three hours of testimony, the senator asked (time can be seen between 2:48:40 and 2:49:59) that the senators let Yamaguchi speak, after she was interrupted by Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), president of the CPI. “She is not able to complete a reasoning. You know which side I’m on, but whoever is following it, we realize that there is great anxiety about the deponent’s answers. I ask only of you that we have a degree of tranquility,” she said.

The president of the CPI then stated that the interruptions were due to the fact that she was not answering the questions and pointed out that Leila had just arrived. The senator explains that she was following the testimony of the cabinet and added: “She is being interrupted”.

According to Simone Tebet, she asked Leila to go to the session. The pedestrian’s advice confirmed that the conversation took place. “As one of the 16 parliamentarians elected to the Senate, Leila do Vôlei is a strong advocate of women’s rights and participation in spaces of power, regardless of the ideological field. Leila followed the testimony of Dr. Nise Yamaguchi since the opening of the session and spoke with Senator Simone Tebet about the constant interruptions in the guest’s speech when she was on her way to the Plenary of the CPI of the Pandemic. Leila do Vôlei, Simone Tebet and all the elected senators serve independent terms and act of their own volition in defense of women’s rights.

Tebet was not in session

According to the CPI’s attendance record, Tebet was not present on the day of Dr. Nise Yamagushi’s deposition. Contrary to President Bolsonaro’s speech, Tebet was not the holder of the Covid CPI. All 11 full members and seven alternates of the commission were men. The women’s bench, created in 2021, did not have the prerogative to suggest names for the collegiate. Therefore, the group was organized in a rotation so that there was always a representative in the sessions. Tebet was the first leader of the women’s bench and remained in office until February this year.

In addition to Leila Barros, on the day of Yamaguchi’s testimony, senators Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA), Rose de Freitas (MDB-ES), Zenaide Maia (Pros-RN) and Soraya Thronicke (União Brasil-MS), who is also a candidate for the presidency of the Republic and participated in the debate last Sunday (28).

Doctor’s testimony is marked by interruptions

Nise Yamagushi testified at the Covid CPI as a guest on June 1, 2021. The deposition lasted about nine hours. Close to President Jair Bolsonaro, she has repeatedly defended treatments without proven effectiveness against the disease, such as chloroquine. The doctor is also identified as a member of the so-called “parallel office”, which informally advised President Bolsonaro during the pandemic.

According to a survey carried out by CNN, Nise was interrupted 43 times in the 1h30 interval in the first part of the session in which she participated.

At one point, Senator Otto Alencar (PSD-BA), who is also a doctor, even said that Nise didn’t know anything about infectology and that she “didn’t study”. “You did not know how to explain what the virus is (…). You don’t know anything about infectology, nor have you studied, doctor. You were really random, superficial. Covid-19 belongs to the betacoronavirus family,” said Alencar.

After the testimony, the doctor said that she was humiliated in the session and even sued Senators Omar Aziz and Otto Alencar for moral damages.

“Several times, I had my speeches and reasoning interrupted. They ignored my arguments and attributed words to me that I did not speak. It wasn’t for lack of knowledge that I stopped reacting, but out of politeness. I would not change my essence to meet clear political interests”, said the doctor.

On August 28, Nise also spoke out for the social networks. Without directly citing the episode and without stating that she was defended, she said that “women who want votes from women have to be consistent” and “cannot fail to defend those who are publicly attacked”.

Who is Nise Yamagushi?

Nise Yamaguchi, 62, is an immunologist and oncologist and an advocate of chloroquine and its derivative, hydroxychloroquine, in patients with covid-19, even after research has shown that the drug, normally used against lupus, malaria and rheumatoid arthritis, does not works against the disease.

For over 35 years in medicine, Yamaguchi leads the Instituto Avanços em Medicina, located in the city of São Paulo, specializing in cancer treatment. She holds a master’s degree in immunology and a doctorate in pulmonology from the University of São Paulo (USP). The doctor is also a member of the Brazilian Society of Cancerology (SBC), American (ASCC) and European (ESMO) Oncology, in addition to being a lecturer and international speaker, collaborating in the elaboration of several books on medicine.

Very close to Bolsonaro, she was even quoted as one of the names to replace Luiz Henrique Mandetta, in the Ministry of Health.

On several occasions, Nise even stated that there are studies that point to the benefits of chloroquine and that there is a “narrative war” around the substance.

In her resume, the doctor mentions her work at the Albert Einstein Hospital, participating in scientific development and clinical meetings. However, in July 2021, Yamaguchi was removed from the hospital after making statements about Nazism in an interview with TV Brasil.

“Fear is harmful to everything. In the first place, it paralyzes you, leaves you with maneuverability. Anyone can take it… Do you think that a few Nazi soldiers would be able to control that mass of hungry Jews if they didn’t submit to humiliation, humiliation and humiliation daily, taking away all initiatives from them?”, said the doctor.

Nise even said that she was removed from the institution for defending chloroquine, but the Albert Einstein Hospital released a note to reaffirm that the reason for the removal was for her speech about Nazism. “It was an unfortunate analogy and an unusual manifestation on the part of the doctor,” the hospital said at the time.

Currently, Yamaguchi has no formal link with the institution. However, he rejoined the open clinical staff, as the professionals who use the hospital’s facilities are called.

The doctor’s testimony at the Covid CPI met the request of Senator Eduardo Girão (Podemos-CE). In the application, the parliamentarian highlighted that in a statement to the CPI, the director of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), Antonio Barra Torres, said that, in a meeting with the Federal Government, the researcher defended changing the chloroquine leaflet. During the nine hours of testimony, the doctor cited incorrect data and made false statements about covid-19 vaccines.

why do we investigate: Comprova investigates suspicious content that went viral on social media about the pandemic, public policies of the federal government and presidential elections. The verified post makes a false claim about the candidate for the presidency of the Republic Simone Tebet. The content is harmful to the democratic process, because the population has the right to know the truth and base their choices on reliable information.

Other checks on the topic: Correio Braziliense also explained that Senator Leila Barros, a member of the Senate women’s bench, intervened in favor of Nise Yamaguchi at the Covid CPI.

In recent checks, Comprova also showed that it is misleading to post on Twitter suggesting João Amoêdo’s support for Lula, that a video showing Bolsonaro at the forefront in the IPEC poll of August 15, 2022 is fake and that a senator mocked the result of an institute to discredit electoral polls.

We also verified that the covid-19 vaccine does not cause AIDS, contrary to what Bolsonaro suggested in live and that the death of six Canadian doctors is not related to the covid vaccine.

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