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Serious accident between Transcol bus and car kills driver in Serra

The accident happened in Planalto Serrano, in Serra, and the driver of the passenger car died at the scene. Credit: Disclosure

The month of September began with a serious accident, on the morning of this Thursday (1st), in Planalto Serrano Bloco B, in Serra. It is the collision of a Transcol System bus and a car. The smaller vehicle was being used by a locksmith – not yet identified – well known in the region. He would have died at the time of the crash.

According to preliminary information gathered by the newspaper NEW TIME, the work vehicle was completely destroyed. Images also show that the side of the Transcol collective – which used to run line 866 (Planalto Serrano x Terminal de Laranjeiras) – was also greatly affected.

There are still no details about the dynamics of the accident, but according to witnesses, the driver of the passenger car would have entered the opposite direction at high speed and collided head-on with the bus. The man died at the scene of the accident and was identified as the owner of Serralheria Planalto, located on Avenida Serrana.

The accident happened near the Serra Ville Allotment. The report contacted GVBus – a union of Transcol companies – to obtain information if the bus driver and passengers were injured. As soon as the demand is answered, the information will be added to the text.

This article is being updated.

The article is in Portuguese

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