Car destroys company wall after passenger pulls steering wheel

A driver destroyed the wall of a company on Rua General Potiguara, in the Fazendinha neighborhood, in Curitiba, at dawn this Thursday (1). The woman said she lost control of the steering wheel after the passenger pulled the wheel of the Punto they were occupying. According to the Military Police (PM), both had signs of intoxication.

Photo: Band B Portal.

The collision happened around 2:20 am, on General Potiguara Street. Lieutenant Kaiel, from the 23rd Battalion of the PM, said that the driver said that the passenger caused the accident, but did not give details of what happened in the car.

“Two women, of legal age, and the passenger would have pulled the steering wheel and caused the accident. They didn’t explain why one of them did it.”

While the PM was already attending the scene of the accident, a friend of the women arrived and tried to deceive the police. He said he’s the one driving the car.

“We were present right after the accident and we saw who the driver was. The individual who arrived later had nothing to do with the situation.”


In the collision, the two were injured, but not seriously. Also according to the PM lieutenant, the two women had signs of intoxication.

“The passenger had strong signs of intoxication. The driver had small signs, but as they were taken to the hospital, they would have to undergo an examination at the hospital”.

Photo: Band B Portal.

The 29-year-old driver and 26-year-old passenger were taken to hospital. Lieutenant Kaiel reinforced the warning for people not to drink and drive.

“In this case, if there had been a person walking on the sidewalk, it could have caused a much more serious accident. Don’t drink and drive, it’s a crime and it’s dangerous.”

The accident report was registered. As the collision involved the wall of a company, the Civil Police can be called.

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