INSS releases 3 payments today from R$1,212; see the full CALENDAR

This Thursday (01/09), the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) pays three more batches of the benefits schedule for the month of August. At first, the release is intended for retirees and pensioners across the country. In this way, the updated INSS calendar for August continues to be paid.

On this Thursday, those who have a benefit of 1 minimum wage and have a card with a final 6 can receive the benefit. In addition, the benefit will begin to be paid to those who receive more than the national minimum wage. At the opportunity, it will be paid to those who have final benefits 1 and 6.

It is worth noting that the schedule with all payment dates takes into account the final number of the benefit card, without considering the last check digit, which appears after the dash.

Currently, more than 36 million policyholders are entitled to benefits from the INSS in the country. Of this total, more than 60% receive a minimum wage.

According to information from the Federal Government, the national floor has increased to R$ 1,212 since January 1st for those who earn the benefit in the amount of the minimum wage. Thus, according to current legislation, pensions, sick pay, reclusion aid and death pension paid by the INSS cannot be less than 1 minimum wage.

On the other hand, retirees and pensioners who receive benefits above the minimum wage had an adjustment of 10.16% in their remuneration. As a result, the benefit ceiling for the INSS went from R$6,433.57 to R$7,087.22.

How to check INSS payments?

In any case, the INSS payment statement can be consulted 100% online, through the website or mobile application. Check out how to do it!

From the site:

  1. First, access the My INSS website;
  2. Enter your CPF and password (if it is the first access, you will need to create a password);
  3. Click on the “Services” option;
  4. The option is in the upper right menu – Select the option “Extracts/Certificates/Declarations”;
  5. In the next menu, click on “Benefit Payment Statement”;
  6. On the next screen, click on the calendar – adjust the period you want to withdraw your benefit payment statement;
  7. In conclusion, the list of payments received in the period will be displayed and it will be possible to download in the “Download PDF” option.

By mobile app

  1. Download the app on your Android or iOS phone;
  2. Enter your CPF and password (if it is the first access, you will need to create a password);
  3. Tap the main menu, the three dots or bars at the top of the screen;
  4. Also, select “Benefit Payment Statement”; Tap on the calendar and select the period you want to consult;
  5. The screen will display the statement with the payments received in the chosen period;
  6. Finally, to print or save, click on the “Download PDF” option


Transfers are made according to the final digit of the Social Registration Number (NIS). Check the payment dates below:

Payment schedule for those who earn a salary (R$ 1,212):

  • Final benefit 1: Receives on August 25th;
  • Final benefit 2: Receives on August 26th;
  • Final benefit 3: Receives on August 29th;
  • Final benefit 4: Receives on August 30th;
  • Final benefit 5: Receives on August 31st;
  • Final benefit 6: Receives on September 1st;
  • Final benefit 7: Receives on September 2nd;
  • Final benefit 8: Receives on September 5th;
  • Final benefit 9: Receives on September 6th;
  • Final Benefit 0: Receives September 8th.

Payment schedule for those earning more than one salary:

  • Final benefits 1 and 6: Received on September 1st;
  • Final benefit 2 and 7: Receives on September 2;
  • Final benefit 3 and 8: Receives on September 5th;
  • Final benefit 4 and 9: Receives on September 6th;
  • Final benefit 5 and 0: Received on September 8th.

INSS beneficiaries will be able to consult the INSS amounts, in addition to payroll deductions.

Insureds can consult the statement, which can be done as follows:

  • Enter the Meu INSS platform, or access the mobile app available for Android and iOS;
  • Click on “What do you need?” and write the name of the service you want in the “Extract” case;
  • Click on “Download PDF”.

Other INSS service channels

  • Telephone Exchange 135
  • Estimated waiting time for service: Up to 5 minutes.

See what success is on the Internet:

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