Power only emanates from the people if they vote as Bolsonaro wants

Power only emanates from the people if they vote as Bolsonaro wants
Power only emanates from the people if they vote as Bolsonaro wants

At a dinner yesterday with about 300 rural producers, agribusiness entrepreneurs, rural parliamentarians and the governor of Paraná Ratinho Júnior (PSD) at a steakhouse in São José dos Pinhais, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, Bolsonaro felt comfortable rewrite the Constitution.

In the sole paragraph of article 1, the Constitution promulgated in 1988 proclaims: “All power emanates from the people, who exercise it through elected representatives or directly, under the terms of this Constitution.” At one point in his bellicose speech, where he heavily criticized Lula and the PT, Bolsonaro stated:

“They say that power emanates from the people. It is not true, unless the people choose their representatives well. It is the fight of good against evil.”

The Constitution does not establish when the people choose their representatives well or badly. The people can choose whoever they want to represent them. This is where there is democracy. Even in Brazil under the military dictatorship of 64, it was also like that, despite the restrictions and artifices used by it to curtail the popular will.

The “fight of good against evil” is a matter of opinion. Bolsonaro thinks he is good, and his opponents are evil. He is evil, the adversaries return. In 2002, Bolsonaro voted for Lula for president, and then went to look for him wanting to appoint the minister of defense. Bolsonaro defends dictatorship and torture. Is it good?

Dinner was a closed-to-the-press event. But the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo obtained the audio with the speech of Bolsonaro who, on the pretext of denouncing a coup in preparation, in fact advocates a coup to the contrary. Among ministers who advise him not to radicalize his speech and others to do so, it is to these that he listens:

“We know how much our freedom, the freedom to express ourselves, is threatened. We have watched with concern certain decisions that are not consistent with the democratic rule of law. Nobody here wants to hit. We cannot accept a coup. […] You can be sure that we swore to give our lives for our freedom.”

Last week, a Federal Police operation, authorized by the Minister of Federal Court of Justice, Alexandre de Moraes, targeted eight businessmen sympathizing with Bolsonaro. One of them said he prefers a coup around the EN. Moraes ordered the breach of secrecy and the blocking of their accounts.

Without directly citing Moraes, Bolsonaro said that the “population today knows what the STF is”, adding: “We are not here to offend any of the Powers, but we know the truth, what some want, what some intend to change in Brazil”. It is the bites and blows, afraid of retaliation from justice.

“We know what is at stake in October, above all it is our freedom. If you start to be impoverished, but continue with freedom, you will regain what you lost, but if you lose freedom, you will lose everything, including dignity, family, private property, the right to come and go.”

Five days from now it will be four years since the stab wound he took in Juiz de Fora. Bolsonaro again tried to take political advantage of the episode: “When they see they can’t beat us in voting or otherwise, they go for the elimination of the next one.” He cited the death in 1998 of deputy Luiz Eduardo Magalhães (PFL-BA).

In addition to rewriting the Constitution, Bolsonaro has rewritten history. Former mayor Luiz Eduardo, son of Bahian chief Antonio Carlos Magalhães and his political heir, was walking in Brasília’s Plano Piloto when he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 43. His cause of death has never been disputed.

In three investigations, the Federal Police concluded that Adélio Bispo, who stabbed Bolsonaro, acted alone. Judicial experts attested after examining him that Adelio is mentally unbalanced. He will be detained at the Campo Grande Prison, in Mato Grosso do Sul, until September 2025.

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