Escape Area prevents accident with highly flammable cargo on BR-376/PR

Arteris Litoral Sul/Disclosure

Truck truck was loaded with 11 tons of Ethanol; Exhaust area located at km 667.3 was built in 2019 and has a vehicle removal system

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Last Monday, August 29, the escape area located at km 667.3 of BR-376/PR (Guaratuba) was once again decisive to avoid a possible accident. This time, with a truck loaded with 11 tons of Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol UN 1170), a load considered highly flammable.

According to information from Arteris Litoral Sul, the concessionaire that manages the stretch, the entrance was registered at 8:14 am, when the truck driver, a 46-year-old man, noticed the problems with the vehicle’s brakes. The cargo vehicle traveled 50 meters of the area until it came to a safe stop. At the same time, two other cars were using the edge of the escape area, after being involved in a minor accident minutes before.

Dealership teams were called to the scene, providing assistance to those involved – no one was injured. Then, the truck removal procedures were also carried out, using the automated gantry crane. The vehicle was removed and taken to a support location.

This is an occurrence that highlights the importance of this device. It is not possible to estimate the potential damage that a truck with this type of load could cause, going down the Serra do Mar without brakes – both from a human point of view, lives in traffic, and also from an environmental point of view. Once again, this structure fulfilled its purpose.”, evaluates José Júnior, operations manager.

Built in 2019 by Arteris Litoral Sul itself, the escape area has already been used 135 times, saving 229 lives. The structure located at km 671.7 of the highway and built in 2011, saved 430 lives in 301 registered entries. Together, the areas add up to 436 entries with 658 lives saved.

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