Simaria is sued by her ex and Justice forbids her to mention his name

Spanish businessman Vicente Escrig is suing his ex-wife Simaria, Simone’s sister, after the singer exposed intimate details of her former married life with him, during the interview he gave to the headline of this column. The process, which runs in court secrecy, was opened on July 7 and the first opinion has already been published.

The LeoDias column, which had exclusive access to the action, found that the businessman seeks compensation for moral damages and requires a public retraction by the mother of his children. Vicente and his lawyers allege that Simaria publicly exposed the facts about the end of the relationship, as well as confidential data from other lawsuits he filed against her.



Simaria and Vicente Escrigreproduction

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Simaria and Vicente Escrig during vow renewalPhoto-of-Simaria-and-Vicente-Escrig

Simaria and Vicente Escrigreproduction

Simaria Mendes and Vicente Escrig

Simaria Mendes and Vicente Escrigreproduction

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Simaria and Vicente Escrig with their children, Giovanna and PawelSimaria with Vicente Escrig and their children, Giovanna and Pawel

She announced the end of her marriage to Vicente EscrigReproduction / Instagram

Simaria and VicenteSimaria and Vicente

Simaria and Vicentereproduction / instagram

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Simaria and Vicente

She recently remarried her husband in the United States.Las Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

Simaria and Vicente wedding

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Simaria and Vicente wedding

Vicente is Spanish, and SimariaLas Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

Simaria and Vicente wedding

This is their second marriageLas Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

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Simaria and Vicente wedding

Simaria and Vicente have been together for 10 yearsLas Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

Simaria and Vicente wedding

their weddingLas Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

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Simaria and Vicente wedding

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Simaria and Vicente wedding

The intimate ceremony took place before CarnivalLas Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure


The countryman’s ex demands that the case be judged as a matter of urgency and asks that Simaria be prohibited from mentioning his name and talking about the legal fights they are fighting.

Vicente’s defense also claims that Simone’s sister is the one who would have shared with the LeoDias column and with the influencer Hugo Gloss the lawsuits that Escrig opened against her.

The judge in charge of the case ordered her not to speak about the businessman further until the final decision in this case is released.

“The defendant’s right to disclose information about her private life to her fans and the general public and to freely disclose her thoughts must be limited when it interferes with the legal sphere of third parties, especially when the reflexes are negative to disqualify the author, as in the case in title. It is the author’s constitutional right to the inviolability of his privacy and private life and there is a danger of damage, since the disclosure of the end of the relationship in the way it was explored by the defendant – may be the subject of inappropriate comments to the author “, said the magistrate that will judge the case.

Despite being, for now, partially prohibited from mentioning Vicente’s name, Simaria was not ordered to pay any fine to her ex-husband.

The LeoDias column sought out Vicente Escrig and Simaria’s advice, but had no response until the end of this article. The space remains open.

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