Investigators used a fake Facebook page to lure teenagers to their deaths

Investigators used a fake Facebook page to lure teenagers to their deaths
Investigators used a fake Facebook page to lure teenagers to their deaths

Those investigated for participation in the double murder of two teenagers in the north of São José do Rio Preto (SP), last Tuesday (30), used a fake Facebook page to lure the victims into an ambush.

The 17-year-old teenager who had the arrest warrant served on Friday afternoon (2) by the Civil Police of Rio Preto, confessed to participating in the infractions and said that he discharged a pistol and fired shots at Caio Henrique Silva Pereira, 16, who He was from Penápolis, but would be living in that city.

The report found that the crime was committed because Caio and Thiago Abreu da Rocha, 17, who was also murdered, days ago had gone to the house of the investigated teenager and fired firearms at the property.

Furthermore, one of those under investigation was reportedly the target of gunshots on two occasions and, after the attack, Thiago would have called and made new threats, including against his family.

Fake page

The targets of the attack learned that Caio was selling a cell phone to buy a revolver to kill
“the kids of Arroio”
, so the group would have decided to kill them. After seeing the announcement made by Caio about the sale of an iPhone on Facebook’s Market place, those investigated created a fake account in the name of a woman and showed interest in the device.

They agreed on the delivery address, which was a property on the street in the Perdizes neighborhood. The teenager arrested together with an accomplice went to that address, in a car occupied by two other teenagers.


The 17-year-old teenager who was apprehended was believed to be armed with a 380-caliber pistol and the other shooter, with a 38-caliber revolver. The two were hidden behind a tree and when the victims arrived in the driver’s car via app, they got out and the surprised.

The teenager with the pistol approached the passenger door and fired nine shots at Caio with the pistol, using up all the ammunition in the gun. The partner allegedly surprised Thiago, who was on the driver’s side, and fired six shots, also discharging the gun.

After the crimes, the perpetrators left the scene in the car with two other teenagers who had allegedly taken them. They claim that they left the weapons inside the vehicle used in the escape, which was reportedly abandoned in the Bonsucesso neighborhood. The police carried out searches, but these weapons were not located.


The investigation that investigates the crimes is led by delegate Alceu Lima de Oliveira Júnior, head of DH/Deic (Homicide Police Station of the Specialized Criminal Investigations Division), which continues with the investigations.

This 17-year-old teenager has already been arrested by the Children and Youth Court of Rio Preto. Another four were caught red-handed on Friday afternoon for an illegal act of drug trafficking, after being caught with narcotics, and the police have evidence that two of them also had direct participation in the double homicide.

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