Official fears “bloodbath” after death of Rota PM in Santos


São Paulo – The wave of violence in Baixada Santista has remained intense for months, since the murder of Rondas Ostensivas soldier Tobias Aguiar (Rota) Patrick Bastos Reis, aged 30, on July 27 last year, in Guarujá. And it culminated in the death of PM Samuel Wesley Cosmo, this Friday (2/2), shot in the face by bandits.

Between January and the beginning of this month, two other military police officers, one of them also from Rota, were killed with gunshots to the head, in two different cases. The crimes caused outrage among police officers and, according to an officer interviewed in confidence by the Metropolisesworry the PM command, which is trying to “contain the tempers” of the troops and avoid a new “bloodbath” in the region.

“The atmosphere is tense, it is sad. There’s pressure [para retaliar as mortes]. A lot of awareness is being used, conversations to calm tempers, to [a PM] act with more intelligence, more awareness [no litoral]”, said the officer, with reservations.

The concern expressed by the officer is that the dozens of deaths recorded last year, shortly after the murder of soldier Reis, will be repeated.

As revealed by Metropolisesin five days, deaths resulting from alleged clashes with police, last year in Guarujá, surpassed the murders that occurred in the coastal city throughout the first half of the year.

police officer1

Rota PM Patrick Bastos Reis shot and killed during patrol in Guarujá Disclosure/Military Police

Post on Instagram with a black and white photo of a Rota police officer with the word note pm police death guaruja

PM declares mourning for the death of Patrick Bastos Reis, a Rota police officer killed in Guarujá

Image shows white man with black beret and military uniform - Metrópoles Patrick Bastos Reis

Rota PM Patrick Bastos Reis shot and killed during patrol in Guarujá Disclosure/Military Police

Color image shows a man in a gray blouse observing a Rota car in the background parked in a hospital corridor - Metrópoles service pm dead guaruja

Rota police officers shot in Guarujá were rescued at the Municipal Bus Station Emergency Room reproduction

Color image shows a young man watching a Military Police vehicle with a healthcare professional leaning on a stretcher - Metrópoles pm dead injured guaruja

Rota police officer is killed in Guarujá reproduction

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Recent victims

The first police officer victimized this year on the coast was Marcelo Augusto da Silva, on January 26th. He worked in Operation Verão and was shot in the head during a robbery while returning home on a motorcycle at km 63 of Rodovia dos Imigrantes.

Because of this, the corporation launched the first Operation Shield, in 2024, to locate and arrest those responsible for the crime. Two have been detained so far.

Among the police officers who went down the mountain to support the search was Rota soldier Samuel Wesley Cosmo. He was shot in the face, around 5pm this Friday (2/2), during a patrol in Santos. His death was confirmed by Governor Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans) this Saturday morning (3/2).

This triggered another Operation Shield in the region, personally monitored by Public Security Secretary Guilherme Derrite.

Montage in black and white with uniformed Rota police officer and the word mourning printed in white - Metrópoles Rota Soldier Samuel Wesley Cosmo

PM declared mourning for the death of the Rota police officer on the coast Reproduction/Military Police

Soldier in PM training clothes poses with rifle, pointed downwards, inside battalion - Metrópoles Rota Soldier Samuel Wesley Cosmo

Rota soldier was the second PM killed on the coast of São Paulo this year Reproduction Social Networks

Rota PM in profile, in uniform, holding a rifle next to a vehicle - Metrópoles Rota Soldier Samuel Wesley Cosmo

Soldier Samuel Wesley Cosmo, in the Rota battalion in the capital of São Paulo Reproduction/Social Media

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Suspect dead and police injured

In the early hours of this Saturday, at least one suspect died and a Rota police officer was injured, not seriously, in an exchange of gunfire in Santos.

According to the Command Center, Rota exchanged gunfire with an unidentified man at around 2:20 am on Avenida Francisco da Costa Pires, in the São Jorge neighborhood.

In a statement to the Civil Police, the soldiers reported having been “shot at” by the suspect. So they fought back.

The man was injured and taken to Hospital Vicentino, in São Vicente, where he died.

According to the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP), a 9 mm pistol was seized from the suspect, as well as a bag of drugs and a radio communicator.

During the shooting, a 33-year-old sergeant was grazed in one of his arms. He was treated at Santa Casa de Santos and is doing well.

The case was registered as a death resulting from police intervention and is being investigated by the Civil and Military police.

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