PF discovers that “parallel Abin” spied on the police officer investigating Marielle’s murder

PF discovers that “parallel Abin” spied on the police officer investigating Marielle’s murder
PF discovers that “parallel Abin” spied on the police officer investigating Marielle’s murder

Councilor murdered in March 2018, Marielle Franco. Photo: Renan Olaz – Rio de Janeiro City Council

The Federal Police found evidence that the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin), during Jair Bolsonaro’s government, printed reports on the delegate who led the investigation into the murder of councilor Marielle Franco.

The information is from the newspaper O Globo.

The reports were printed by Marcelo Bormevet, a federal police officer who was assigned to Abin during the management of Alexandre Ramagem, in September 2020

The documents were about Rio de Janeiro Civil Police chief Daniel Freitas. Still in September 2020, Daniel Freitas was removed from the case by Allan Turnowski, who took over as head of the Civil Police.

In June 2021, another Abin agent, Felipe Arlotta, printed documents about the federalization of the investigation, which had been requested by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and denied by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) the previous year.

Arlotta was the agent who, under orders from Alexandre Ramagem, organized illegal espionage against the personal trainer of Jair Renan, son of the former president, to produce evidence that would benefit Jair Renan in an investigation into influence peddling.

With the help of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU), the PF also identified that Alexandre Ramagem himself, who became head of Abin on the recommendation of Jair Bolsonaro, printed, in 2019, “some notes about the ongoing investigation”, referring to regarding the Marielle Franco case.

This new evidence adds to the fact that Alexandre Ramagem printed the CV of the case’s prosecutor, Simone Sibilio, who coordinated the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (Gaeco).

Simone Sibilio was also monitored by Abin through the Israeli program First Mile, which invades the telephone network to show the location of any cell phone.

For investigators, the criminal organization that created a “parallel Abin” had a “political core” that included Rio de Janeiro councilor Carlos Bolsonaro, Jair’s son.

Messages from Carlos were found asking, through an advisor, for confidential information for Ramagem.

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