5 Films from the 90s Not Much Talked About Nowadays, But They Are Great!

5 Films from the 90s Not Much Talked About Nowadays, But They Are Great!
5 Films from the 90s Not Much Talked About Nowadays, But They Are Great!

When we talk about the 90s, everyone has their favorite films from the decade. Be it from the beginning, see ‘Terminator 2‘, ‘The Good Companions‘, ‘The Silence of the Lambs‘ It is ‘Jurassic Park‘, or the films in the second half, like ‘Titanic‘, ‘Fight Club‘, ‘matrix‘ It is ‘Saving Private Ryan‘. There is no shortage of good films, for all tastes and all genres. Each decade in cinema has its own flavor and is special in its own way. For older people, who are fanatics of the 80s, the following decade is the second one they hold most fondly.

But just as there are many hidden gems in the 80s, the 90s have countless great productions that unfortunately aren’t talked about as much today. Some of them were even successful at the time and became trendy, but now, more than two decades later, they have fallen into anonymity. In any case, in this new article we will give you five tips on films from the 90s that you need to discover or rediscover, because although they are not talked about as much “on the internet”, they are great. Check it out below.

The thing about science fiction films that take place in the future and feature advanced technology (for the time) as part of their plot, is that when they get older, they may no longer be so successful. For example, ‘Strange Pleasures‘ (Strange Days), by the Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, uses as its motto a technology capable of recording everything we see. Sensors are applied to our heads that turn our eyes into cameras. This way we can review everything we have experienced. Today, with cameras on all cell phones, which are basically our eyes, the situation is not so strange anymore.

The big difference is that these transmitters not only show us what we recorded, but they also change sensations in our brain, so that we experience what we were feeling at the moment. In other words, adrenaline, fear, lust, pleasure, happiness, all these sensations can be experienced by anyone on the black market, simply by purchasing a “tape” recorded by someone. It’s a trip. A film well ahead of its time, and quite questioning. Other than that, it features performances in top form from people like Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett It is Juliette Lewis. A 20th Century Fox film that disappeared a long time ago and never appeared again – but was shown in Brazilian cinemas. The film can be watched with a Premium subscription on Amazon Prime Video.

When ‘pulp Fiction‘ debuted and named Quentin Tarantino Once on the map of world cinema, the film became extremely influential, generating several “imitators” of its style, whether due to the accentuated violence, the mix of humor in conversations that included many references to pop culture or the fragmented narrative, which went back and forth He came in time to conclude his story.

One of the coolest and least known “tributes” is this “Pulp Fiction” young that the director Doug Liman created. Completely subversive,’Here we go!‘ is a surprise box, and mixes several characters in three stories that intersect, during some hallucinatory nights. Nothing and no one is safe, so the character who thought she was the protagonist could very well leave the scene in the second story, just as John Travolta in ‘pulp Fiction‘. On screen, promising young stars of the time parade, such as Sarah Polley, Katie Holmes It is Scott Wolf. It’s humor, suspense, sex and violence wrapped up in a box of great fun. The film can be rented for R$5.90 on Google Play.

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This one couldn’t be any different. Also, in the direction we have none other than the very prestigious Clint Eastwood. Indeed, ‘A Perfect World‘ presented fans with a true duel of giants. The film is from Eastwood, who directs the film and acts in a supporting role. The previous year, the star had been awarded the Oscar for best direction and best film for ‘The Unforgiven‘. But who really stars is Kevin Costnerwho three years earlier, had received the same honor for his western, ‘Dance with wolves‘, earning Oscars for best director and best film.

So, how could we not have huge expectations regarding a film that would unite these two legends? To complete the present, on stage we still had Laura Dernwho in the same year starred in the blockbuster ‘Jurassic Park‘. It’s really, ‘A Perfect World‘ was quite successful at the time and got people talking, being a tape that everyone wanted to rent at video stores.

What happens is that the film seems to have not stood the test of time, being unable to be passed on to new generations, with fewer and fewer people commenting on it. But this needs to change. In the plot, Costner lives a fugitive, who escapes from prison in a small town in the American countryside, in the 1960s. Along the way he takes a little boy hostage, and the two end up developing a father-son relationship. On his tail, the hard-line sheriff played by Eastwood.

The film can be rented on AppleTV+ and Amazon Prime Video for R$7.90.

The only film on the list that is in the collection of a streaming platform, the comedy ‘My Cousin Vinny‘ is on Star+. This is also an Oscar-winning film and gave a then-newcomer Marisa Tomei, 28 years old, won the award as the best supporting actress that night. The star, however, is the veteran Joe Pesci. In the film, he plays a rogue lawyer, who is a guy from the streets with a law degree. He travels to an American town in the countryside to try to get his cousin out of trouble, which could result in the guy being sentenced to death for an alleged murder.

In the role of the troubled cousin, none other than the eternal Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, in one of his best-known films outside of the Daniel San franchise. He and a friend were traveling on the roads when they were unlucky to be in a car similar to that of criminals who had just committed murder. In this extremely tense atmosphere, which would make a good drama, the director Jonathan Lynn creates a smart and witty comedy, about a guy from the city, needing to surrender to the norms of the rural area. Marisa Tomei plays the girlfriend of Pesci, who knows everything about cars and is decisive in defending young people – despite the huge age difference between the two. It’s a film that deserves to be rediscovered.

Another one that attracted a lot of attention, and is still a cult favorite among fans from the 90s, ‘Gattaca – Genetic Experiment‘, from the principal Andrew Niccolserved, among other things, to unite the real-life couple Ethan Hawke It is Uma Thurman – who were married until 2004 and had two children together. That is, if you like the actress Maya Hawkedaughter of the couple, thank the film ‘Gattaca‘. The two were some of the hottest names in Hollywood at the time when they decided to team up for the film. Thurman enjoyed immense popularity and his Oscar nomination for ‘pulp Fiction‘, It is Hawke came out of the independent success of ‘Before Dawn‘.

Besides that, ‘Gattaca‘ served to introduce a young Jude Law to the world, who would then star and steal the show in ‘The Talented Ripley‘, one of his most beloved films. But ‘Gattaca‘ is much more than a meeting of stars, it is top-notch science fiction, which discusses ideas in an intelligent way, and still remains current in its social criticism, which mainly talks about class differences to seal its fate.

The proposal for the feature, which very well could have been an episode of ‘Black Mirror‘ is: what happens when a genetic flaw dictates your destiny? In the future, certain professions and positions can only be accessed by those who are genetically perfect. It’s like your body is playing against you. Wanting to change this, a subject, experienced by Hawkedecides to go to extreme lengths to achieve his dream.

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