ELDERLY PEOPLE get SURPRISE PACKAGE and 5 benefits are confirmed for today (3)


In Brazil, seniors over 60 years of age are entitled to important benefits. The advantages are offered as a way of assisting in the routine of these citizens who have reached old age.

ELDERLY PEOPLE get SURPRISE PACKAGE and 5 benefits are confirmed for today (3)ELDERLY PEOPLE get SURPRISE PACKAGE and 5 benefits are confirmed for today (3)
ELDERLY PEOPLE get a SURPRISE PACKAGE and 5 benefits are confirmed for today (3). (Image: FDR)

Benefits are guaranteed through the elderly person’s card. The document is available to citizens and can be issued simply and free of charge. Once in possession of it, it is possible to prove your age and entitlement to the benefit. Check out how to request a license in this link.

Check out the main benefits guaranteed for elderly people who have the document:

  • Free interstate tickets: elderly people who have the document can travel for free. To do so, they must make the request directly to the company responsible for the route. The legislation establishes that a minimum of two spaces are reserved per route. If they are occupied, the elderly person is entitled to a 50% discount on the ticket;
  • Free public transport: The free fee is also valid for public transport. The benefit is guaranteed in all municipalities in the country upon presentation of a document proving age;
  • IPTU exemption: In some municipalities, elderly people are also guaranteed exemption from paying IPTU. The measure varies according to each city. Therefore, it is necessary for citizens to contact municipal management to find out more details about the benefit;
  • Priority service: In both public establishments, such as the INSS, and private establishments, the elderly must receive priority care. The measure seeks to ensure that your special needs are respected;
  • Priority legal assistance: In addition to service in commercial establishments and public bodies, the elderly also guarantee priority in trials. The measure was created to guarantee shorter waiting times for legal decisions.

Check out other details about a important benefit available to seniors in this link.


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