Kamili Oliveira is crowned Child Queen on a party night at Rosas de Ouro


Before the competition, Bateria Furacão Verde e Rosa paraded through the streets, leaving the Tiradentes hillside, a traditional rehearsal spot for Bloco Rosas de Ouro. Under the leadership of Master Sandro Paixão, the drums received enthusiastic applause from the community throughout the entire route.

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Meanwhile, on Vinte de Setembro, the party was already in full swing. Kamili Oliveira was crowned as the Junior Queen, accompanied by the charming Laura Santiago and Cecília Peres, who received the titles of first and second princesses, respectively. The competition was led by Harmonia director, Pety Carvalho, amid an atmosphere of celebration and enthusiasm.

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The event was attended by seven candidates. Expectations now turn to the Adult Queen of Roses of Gold contest, which will take place this Saturday(3). The school court promises to be full, demonstrating the community’s support and passion for samba and the Rosas de Ouro tradition.

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Following photos, it is possible to see special moments of Corte Mirim, together with members of the community and local authorities, such as councilor Anilton Oliveira, who was also part of the judging committee.

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