Woman from Ouro Preto suffers scam on sales website and loses more than 3 thousand reais


A woman residing in the city of Ouro Preto reported being the victim of a sophisticated online scam involving the sale of a video game console and games. The incident occurred after the victim advertised the product on Facebook Marketplace and received a supposed purchase offer.

The woman, whose name will not be disclosed for security reasons, initially contacted the interested party via Facebook chat. The alleged buyer, claiming to be the sister of an interested person, indicated that she would prefer to complete the transaction on the OLX sales platform, citing advantages such as cashback and the possibility of paying in 10 interest-free installments.

The situation took a negative turn when the victim followed instructions received in a fake email, which she believed to be from OLX, to send the product to an address in São Paulo. The scammer confirmed the payment, using tricks such as fake emails and messages, inducing the victim to believe in the legitimacy of the transaction.

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Subsequently, the scammer requested that the victim make an additional payment of R$299.99 through Pix, under the justification of standard procedures for the first sale on the platform. The woman, unaware of the fraud, followed the instructions, believing she was fulfilling normal requirements of the sales process.

The situation reached its peak when the scammer requested access to the victim’s bank account during a video call, claiming the need to link to the platform to release the transaction amounts. The victim’s husband intervened, immediately disconnecting the call.

The victim only realized the scam the following day, when he discovered the absence of the sale amount in his account and identified fraudulent activities. In an even more worrying development, the scammer used the victim’s photo to carry out the same scam on two other people.

Local authorities have been notified, and the victim is taking steps to report the incident to the platforms involved. This incident highlights the importance of remaining vigilant in online transactions, verifying the authenticity of platforms, and promptly reporting any suspicious activity to authorities and responsible companies.

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