Team spends the night to free BR-163 after trailer and bus accident with 41 passengers | Mato Grosso do Sul

Team spends the night to free BR-163 after trailer and bus accident with 41 passengers | Mato Grosso do Sul
Team spends the night to free BR-163 after trailer and bus accident with 41 passengers | Mato Grosso do Sul

Accident between bus and trailer leaves injured in Naviraí

As determined, the last vehicle was removed from the scene at around 5:40 am. Since Friday night (2), the flow continued along the stretch using the “Stop and Follow” system. The stretch was fully released at 6:30 am this Saturday.

The serious accident left more than 30 people injured and one dead. The Civil Police identified the deceased as Mauro Marcio dos Santos, aged 40. The man was the bus driver.

In total, 14 bus passengers remain under observation at Santa Casa de Naviraí. Two other victims, who are in a very serious condition, were transferred to a hospital in Dourados.

According to the PRF and CCR-MS Vias, the concessionaire that manages the highway in Mato Grosso do Sul. The bus had left Sinop (MT) and the destination was Cascavel, in the interior of Paraná.

The Civil Police are working to understand the dynamics of the accident. According to the TV Morena team, which is in Naviraí, one of the lines of investigation is a possible act of recklessness by the bus driver.

The investigation is also investigating whether a tractor, which was traveling on the highway, had caused the accident. The Civil Police are awaiting images from security cameras, which will help in responding to the case.

Victims helped with rescue

Accident between 2 trucks and bus with 41 passengers in Naviraí, on BR-163

It was the bus passengers themselves who helped provide first aid to the most serious victims. Some injured people were taken to Santa Casa in the city and others, in very serious health conditions, received care in Dourados (MS). See the video above.

Self-employed Victor Fiorese, who left Campo Grande heading to Francisco Beltrão, in Paraná, reported the moments of tension. “It all happened very quickly. The children were in despair, I tried to stay calm and help everyone. It was a big scare, only those who went through it know. It was a very big moment.”

The passenger also commented on the dynamics of the accident. Victor explained that the bus driver tried to overtake one of the trucks, but was unable to complete the maneuver and collided head-on with the other cargo vehicle.

“The first bus we had taken, broke down. The bus was chartered at the last minute. It was reckless on the part of the driver, he forced us to overtake and braked suddenly”, the passenger said.

1 of 1 buses were destined for Florianópolis (SC). — Photo: Social networks/Reproduction
The bus was destined for Florianópolis (SC). — Photo: Social networks/Reproduction

An accident between two trucks and a bus with more than 40 passengers left one person dead and several injured, on BR-163, in Naviraí (MS), this Friday (2). Teams from the Federal Highway Police (PRF), Emergency Medical Service (Samu) and Fire Department responded to the incident.

The dynamics of the accident have not yet been reported. The collision occurred at km 135, on BR-163. According to CCR-MS Vias, the bus carried 41 passengers.

Both lanes of the highway were closed throughout the afternoon and early evening on Friday. Teams from CCR-MS Vias, Samu and the Fire Department provided care to the victims.

Watch videos from Mato Grosso do Sul:

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