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R$95 million in main prize is drawn today (3) at 8pm

R$95 million in main prize is drawn today (3) at 8pm
R$95 million in main prize is drawn today (3) at 8pm

A Mega-Sena 2684 bets are already open: the second draw of the year has a prize of R$95 million for the next player who hits all six numbers.

The event takes place this Saturday (3), starting at 8pm (Brasília time). For those who still want to bet online or at Caixa branches, the lotteries will receive the lucky numbers until 7pm.

In the last contest, Mega-Sena 2683, held on Thursday (1), 124 bets were awarded with 5 hits, which took R$ 40 thousand each.

The lucky numbers at the time were: 01 – 03 – 23 – 27 – 47 – 57.

As there were no winners of the main jackpot, the prize accumulated to a larger amount, estimated at R$ 95 million, for the draw of Mega-Sena 2684 this Saturday (3).

Latest Mega-Sena results

Follow the results of the latest draws and the numbers that are drawn most in Mega-Sena:

How to bet on Mega-Sena 2684?

You Mega-Sena draws They take place at regular times, at 8 pm, at Espaço da Sorte, in São Paulo, SP. Bets can be placed until 7pm (Brasília time) this Saturday via the Loterias Caixa website or app. It is also possible to buy the ticket at lottery outlets throughout Brazil.

A Mega-Sena minimum bet 2684 is R$5.00.

Mega-Sena jackpot bets

For those who prefer to bet in groups and in greater volume, the official Caixa prize pool It is also an option that increases the chances of winning.

On the Mega betting wheel, there is a specific field for this type of betting, with a minimum price of R$15.00 on Mega-Sena and each minimum odds of R$6.00. The pool can have from two to 100 odds, with a maximum of 10 bets per pool, with the same number of numbers.

This text is not a recommendation for betting on lotteries, such as Mega-Sena 2684.

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