Caraguatatuba will have a dengue campaign today

Caraguatatuba will have a dengue campaign today
Caraguatatuba will have a dengue campaign today
Caraguatatuba will have a dengue campaign today. Source: PMC

Caraguatatuba, on the North Coast, will have a dengue campaign circulating through the central region of the city this Saturday (3) to guide the population and combat the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

According to Caraguatatuba City Hall, agents will visit homes and guide residents of the municipality, with the help of a drone.

The Mutirão takes place from 8 am and expects 7 thousand properties to be visited, between the neighborhoods of Rio Guaxinduba in Martim de Sá and Rio Santo Antônio in Jardim Primavera. Agents will raise awareness about the importance of keeping the house clean, free from breeding sites.

The action is part of the ‘My Family Without Dengue’ program, and will involve the participation of 300 people, including public servants and volunteers to visit and guide the homes.

The main objective of the action is to make the population contribute to controlling and reducing the number of dengue cases, especially after the Carnival holiday period.where the municipality receives visitors from various locations.

The City Hall counts on the support of the population to receive the teams, which will be properly identified with uniforms and badges. On this day, it is authorized to discard unusable items that are possible breeding sites on the sidewalks. The Public Services Secretariat (Sesep) will start collection on Monday (5).

Larval Density Assessment Caraguatatuba will have

The Zoonosis Control Center (CCZ) completed the first Larval Density Assessment (ADL) this year. Around 3 thousand properties were inspected in January and the index obtained was 6% considered the average for the municipality, placing Caraguatatuba in risk situation. Attention goes to northern region that registered a rate of 9.5%.

The mayor of Caraguatatuba, Aguilar Junior, highlights that a new joint effort is planned for the month of March, so that new areas can be served, so that more people are made aware and thus, the municipality can contain the spread of the disease.

If you suspect mosquito outbreaks in your neighborhood, call Hotline Dengue, on the following numbers: (12) 3887-6888 or 156.

*Source: PMC






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