What is the best investment today for beginners?

What is the best investment today for beginners?
What is the best investment today for beginners?

New Year New Life. For many, the turn of the calendar is the hope of putting old promises into practice, such as starting to invest. But what is the best investment today for beginners? Where to start and what not to do?

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On Thursday (1), the Copom (Monetary Policy Committee) of the Central Bank once again reduced the Selic, which is now at 11.25% per year. With the fall in the economy’s basic interest rate, the remunerations of some of the main fixed income products, such as CDB and Tesouro Direto, were also affected.

These are precisely the investments generally recommended for beginners. Even with the fall of the Selic, this recommendation remains, according to experts interviewed by Financial Intelligence. One of the reasons is that the first step for any investor remains the formation of an emergency reserve.

“Before diversifying, the first recommendation is to go to the products recommended for the emergency reserve. And these products need to meet the most basic premises, low risk and high liquidity. Therefore, favor daily liquidity CDBs, DI Funds and Selic Treasury”, assesses Bruno Mori, economist and founding partner of Sarfin consultancy.

On the other hand, for the beginner investor who is taking bolder steps, the falling Selic opens a window of new opportunities, according to experts. Whether in traditional fixed income, with the possibility of earning on mark-to-market, or diversifying into other products, such as real estate funds and shares.

What is the best investment today for beginners?

Therefore, the drop in interest rates, despite altering the yield of some products, does not change the importance of starting your investments using the so-called emergency reserve. We are talking about those resources that will help you if something unforeseen happens.

The two main factors to consider are that it is low risk, as it is your security, and that it has liquidity, for you to access when you need it.

According to Bruno Mori, for those who wonder what is the best investment today for beginners, the champion in these aspects continues to be the Selic Treasury. “Strictly speaking, what gives you the greatest profitability is the Treasury Selic, which pays you the basic interest rate plus an additional fee”, explains the economist.

Gustavo Cruz, chief strategist at RB Investimentos, agrees. For him, everything is in order for us to continue as planned, with new successive cuts in the Selic. However, if there is a change of scenario, the investor will be protected.

“Selic Treasury is usually more suitable for beginners to be protected from this alternation of scenario. The Central Bank may find itself facing a change of scenario and need to make a change. We had, for example, the pandemic”, he says.

Bruno Mori, from Sarfin consultancy, argues that Brazil has a real interest rate, which is the basic rate discounted from inflation, at a high level, which would also justify maintaining part of the allocation in these products.

“Beating against inflation should always be the main objective. In Brazil, we have interest rates of 11.25% and inflation of 4.62%, which gives a real interest rate of almost 7%. In the United States, for example, interest rates are around 5% and inflation is 3%, which gives a real interest rate of 2%”, he states.

I already have a reservation, but I’m still a beginner. And now?

If your emergency fund is already preserved, the cycle of drops in the Selic rate can open up new opportunities for you, still suitable for a beginner profile. Gustavo Cruz, from RB Investimentos, cites the Prefixed CDB as an opportunity for the current scenario.

“It is still possible to find a pre-fixed title, paying more than two figures. With a maturity of 1 to 2 years,” she states. “There is disagreement among economists about the final level of the cuts, but there is an expectation that they could accelerate. As the Copom indicates that this is the path, the assets acquired will now become more interesting”

He argues that the ideal period is up to 2 years to escape a still uncertain moment, which will be the 2026 elections.

The Economist also mentions the possibility of searching for CDBs with percentages above 100% of the CDI. It is important to emphasize that, the higher the remuneration, the greater the issuer’s risk, but this risk has been mitigated in recent months. Investment in the product is guaranteed up to R$250,000 by the FGC, but this is a mechanism that the investor should prefer not to have to access.

“I understand that the BC has already shown a consistent drop in defaults over the last 6 months, which will mean that banks will need to make less provision and they will show lower defaults”, explains the expert, who ponders. “Still, it is important to have a financial agent providing financial monitoring for the banks,” he says.

Finally, you don’t just live on a fixed income from a portfolio. For Bruno Mori, even beginners can reserve a percentage for variable income, of around 10%, including stock funds, real estate funds, multimarket funds, shares and ETFs. However, the investor profile and risk tolerance must always be respected.

What is the best investment today for beginners: tips for getting started

The experts consulted by the Financial Intelligence give some tips for those who are taking their first steps in the world of investments. For Tato Barros, professional investor and investment specialist, the most important thing is to start by looking for information.

“The best investment for those starting out should be in financial education. The more knowledge a person acquires, the fewer mistakes they will make and the better their journey as an investor will be in the long term”, he assesses. He also states that not going to the pot too thirsty right away is also important.

“The main mistake a beginner makes is going to the pot too thirsty, being anxious, taking too much risk from the start, wanting to get rich overnight. These are all things that only end up delaying the process of building wealth. It’s cliché but it’s true, investing is like running a marathon and not a 100-meter race”, continues Barros.

Gustavo Cruz, from RB Investimentos, also recommends that investors avoid concentrating their assets in a single issuer. “Concentrating is a problem. We often see people wanting to learn just by knowing a product, an issuer, this can be a problem because it already poses a greater risk. For example, in the CBD,” he states.

Financial Intelligence is a journalistic channel and this content should not be interpreted as a recommendation to buy or sell investments. Before investing, check your investor profile, your objectives and always stay well informed.

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