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Pisces sign forecast for today, February 3rd – Zoeira

Pisces sign forecast for today, February 3rd – Zoeira
Pisces sign forecast for today, February 3rd – Zoeira

“If there was a path to the Best it would force us to look entirely at the Worst.” (Excerpt from the poem “In Tenebris” by Thomas Hardy). In life we ​​are born and reborn every day. Life is a transition, a crossing, but it always continues. No one, nothing will destroy you, you just transform. Reborn! And with a waning Moon in the sign of Scorpio, I ask you: Why do you delay so much and fight so much against changes? Everything has a reason for being. And it is possible that you are the reason for this change. If you want to progress in life, let your old self die. Be the snake that sheds its skin and comes back brighter than ever. The early morning will be marked by instability. The Moon in opposition to Uranus can interrupt your plans and shake your peace. But soon after you will be super willing and motivated to face Saturday and everything it has to offer you. And on Saturday night, when the Moon meets Neptune, you will feel more inspired. Let this special atmosphere surround you and always keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. Don’t fight it, life is in constant flux.

Pisces sign today

You intensely search for meaning in your life. And your desire is to grow and expand, but what limits you? Face your fears and don’t hold on to your beliefs so much. The waning Moon in Scorpio asks you to let go of some ideas.

*Julianna Formiga is an astrologer, path therapist, teacher and journalist. She attends and teaches courses, lectures and self-knowledge games for companies and schools. Master in Media Semiotics and Reiki, in addition to being a Holistic Therapist, she developed the Cartography of the Soul with the aim of guiding the paths of those seeking to align their being and doing in the world.

The article is in Portuguese

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