PM finds gold-plated gun during cocaine seizure in PR

PM finds gold-plated gun during cocaine seizure in PR
PM finds gold-plated gun during cocaine seizure in PR

A driver was caught with 30 kg of cocaine, weapons, ammunition and chargers on Thursday night (1st) in the Cajuru neighborhood, in Curitiba (PR). He was arrested by the Military Police (PM).

According to information from the corporation, a police team saw a pickup truck traveling at high speed. Because of this, he ordered the driver to stop the vehicle, but he did not comply with the order and tried to escape.

“He planned an escape of about two blocks, he also tried to escape from the teams, but he complied with police orders”said Lieutenant Juliano Mazza in an interview with G1.

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In an inspection inside the truck, the military found weapons and ammunition. One of the weapons was even gold-plated.

The 35-year-old man was unable to explain the origin of the weapon and said he works with products for the production of ice cream. The driver then invited the police to come to his house to confirm the story. Upon arriving at the scene, the police found the drugs, other weapons and signal blockers.

Total seizure:

30 kg of cocaine.

2 357 revolvers, one gold-plated.

1 556 rifle, with scratched number.

Ammunition of various calibers.

20 pistol magazines, 8 of which are elongated magazines.

3 snail chargers.

1 signal blocker.

With information from g1.

The article is in Portuguese

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