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Menin admires Arena MRV in Atlético’s debut game at the stadium (photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético)

New home, new debates. The MRV Arena is already a reality in the routine of the most frequent athletes, and many of the topics surrounding Atlético’s new stadium in Belo Horizonte become reasons for discussion on social media. Parking and ticket prices are certainly among the most talked about topics among fans. Member of the Sociedade Anônima de Futebol (SAF) of Galo, businessman Rubens Menin opened up on the topic.

Before the classic between Atlético and Cruzeiro, to be played this Saturday (3/2), at 7:30 pm, for the third round of the Campeonato Mineiro, the amount charged for parking spaces by the administration of Arena MRV (in partnership with Pop) was the reason for complaints from athletes. Tickets cost R$70 for motorbikes, R$100 for cars, and R$150 for vans.

Rubens Menin was emphatic when commenting on the matter. In an interview with the journalist Breno Galantethe investor highlighted that Atlético and its commercial partner rely on market research to establish values ​​and defended the pricing.

“In the case of parking, there is a partner company there that knows it like no one else. There are 2,600 vacancies there, right? It’s not for everyone. So, we have to see what the equivalent price is in other places. Do a search. At Allianz Parque, there is no parking. If it did, the price would be much more expensive than Arena MRV, which has a very organized parking lot. So, this is research. We have to charge no more than what it’s worth, but no less than what it’s worth either. The fans also have to understand…”Rubens Menin, SAF partner at Atlético

Rubens Menin, Atlético's main investor - (photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético)
Rubens Menin, Atlético’s main investor(photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético)

Ticket pricing at Arena MRV

In Atlético’s first games at Arena MRV, ticket prices were also a reason for criticism from fans. However, as the weeks went by, the club adjusted values ​​and complaints decreased.

When dealing with the matter, Rubens recognized Galo’s mistakes in pricing tickets at the new stadium. In any case, the businessman defended the idea that the sectors of Arena MRV should have great price differentiation, with the aim of the club maximizing profits and audiences of all classes being able to attend.

“I’ll give you an example of a grandstand. We have to make a differentiation. One thing we learned at Arena MRV, which we did poorly, is pricing. Returning to Europe and the USA, the most noble places are often more expensive than the less noble ones. Everyone watching the same game. It has to fit all types of audiences. It cannot be 20% more expensive… One has to be much more expensive. Those who can afford it pay much more. Those who can’t afford it pay less”, he reasoned.

“In the end, the average is the same, but we have to balance it a little better. It’s already happening all over the world. Tickets are valued very differently. It has to vary depending on the place. We have to improve this situation at Arena MRV as a whole”, he continued.

Together with other partners, Rubens Menin hopes to transform Atlético into a “world power” in the next five years. In this sense, the investor sees maximizing Arena MRV’s profits as a fundamental part of the process.

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