Pilot and pedestrian killed in serious accident in PG identified


The motorcyclist and pedestrian killed in a serious accident recorded in Paulino Primo Nadal Street, in the Neves neighborhood, late this Friday night (02). According to information obtained by aRede Portalthe motorcyclist was identified as Francisco Elias Moraes Ribeiro36 years old, and the pedestrian as Sebastião Soares Bonfim, 62 years old. The medical care team from Samu and the Fire Department (Siate) were at the scene, but were unsuccessful in trying to save the two’s lives.


Information obtained by the team shows that Elijah he was traveling along the road with a passenger on the back when he was surprised by Sebastião, who was crossing. With the impact, he ended up being dragged for a few meters before the motorcycle lost speed. According to official informationthe elderly man suffered a cardiac arrest and, unfortunately, did not return, while the motorcycle rider had a cardiorespiratory arrest and also did not survive.


Review the live stream taken at the scene of the incident. | Author: Márcio Lopes/aRede

No information has yet been released about the burial of the victims, not even the identification image of Sebastião Soares Bonfim, which should happen in the next few hours. To the authorities They continue to investigate the case to identify what caused the accident.

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