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On the afternoon of Thursday, February 1st, at around 4:30 pm, the Military Police Mobile Tactical Garrison moved to the Padre Faria neighborhood, in Ouro Preto, in response to reports pointing to suspicious activities at a certain address. Upon arriving at the aforementioned location, the military came across an individual on a motorcycle, who disembarked from the vehicle and entered a vacant lot carrying an object in his hands.

Faced with the suspicious situation, the garrison began an incursion into the field in an attempt to approach the individual. Upon entering the woods, the police saw two suspects clearly involved in preparing drugs for sale. Upon noticing the police approaching, the suspects fled, abandoning all the illicit material in their possession.

The seized materials included 12 portions of marijuana, 2 bars of marijuana, 96 rocks of crack, 3 pins of cocaine, 4 portions of cocaine, 6 portions of crack, 1 precision scale and 1 cell phone.

Furthermore, the motorcycle used by the suspects to carry out drug trafficking was seized and removed from the scene.

The article is in Portuguese
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