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art dg/rbs
art dg/rbs

Certainly, you will need people to carry out your aspirations, and that is where the biggest challenge lies, because although there are many available, this time your soul needs to choose wisely, with efficiency in mind.

You may feel a little out of step with events, but this can be overcome relatively easily, by being willing to act, because with your hands dirty there will be no time left to worry.

Giving importance to small things creates unnecessary strain, which needs to be compensated for by the arid search to have reason on your side, no matter how irrational the movements that provoke it.

As uncertain as the scenario is, there are some issues that have become indisputable and it is about them that your soul needs to make decisions and prepare strategies. It’s not a war, but it’s good to prepare for it too.

Repeating the same thing as before and hoping to get different results, there would be no healthy logic behind behavior of this type, and yet, it is more common than it seems. You need to pay attention to this.

It is always possible to lose the thread and become disoriented, but fortunately the thread doesn’t lose us, it is always out there, available and closer than we imagine, so that we never get lost along the way.

Do whatever you want, but try to act with all the elegance necessary so that people don’t feel offended by you putting your will above theirs, because, after all, it’s not about competing with anyone.

Avoid creating ridiculous situations by defending the continuation of conflicts that no longer have any connection with the current state of affairs. It is better to put an end to these imprecise questions from the past.

The reasons your soul uses as a basis for acting the way it does are not shareable with the people in question, because they would not understand anything and, even worse, would turn against you if they knew them.

At the very least, it must be worth paying the bill to obtain the result of your desires, because if it is not worth it, it would be better for you to give up on your desires, no matter how promising they seem.

Take the initiatives that you intuitively find pertinent, and if your intuition does not convey clarity or certainty, use your gut to guide you. In any case, it is only important that you take initiatives.

It is unnecessary to take sophisticated courses to get to know yourself better, just pay more attention to your daily behavior, the behavior you develop when your soul thinks it is alone with itself.

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