TJMG holds sessions in Ouro Preto to celebrate the Court’s 150th anniversary


With the transfer, on a special and temporary basis, of the headquarters of the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais to Ouro Preto, as part of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the installation of the Second Instance of the Minas Gerais Judiciary, the 1st Civil Chamber and the 1st Criminal Chamber of the TJMG held , this Friday (2/2), extraordinary trial sessions in the building of the former district court.

Superintendent of Memory of the Judiciary of the TJMG, judge Marcos Henrique Caldeira Brant, highlighted the “remarkable and exciting moment” for the Court (Credit: Riva Moreira/TJMG)

The superintendent of the Judiciary Memory of the TJMG and coordinator of the Special Commission for the Sesquicentenary of the TJMG, judge Marcos Henrique Caldeira Brant, said that the sessions mark a historic moment for the Court.

“After 127 years, with the move of the Court of Appeal to the new capital, which would later be named Belo Horizonte, we returned to Ouro Preto to hold sessions. It is a remarkable and exciting moment for our Court. It is a privilege for both fellow judges, members of the Public Ministry, the Public Defender’s Office, lawyers and civil servants. I consider myself the guardian or even curator of the judicial history of Minas Gerais,” he stated.

The session of the 1st Civil Chamber was composed by the president of the collegiate, judge Armando Freire, by judge Juliana Campos Horta, by judge Manoel dos Reis Morais, by the 1st vice-president of the TJMG, judge Alberto Vilas Boas, summoned exceptionally, by the judge summoned Wauner Batista Ferreira Machado, and by prosecutor Márcio Heli, representing the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais. The trial agenda included five items, including civil appeals and embargoes of declarations.

Judge Armando Freire highlighted the privilege of being able to actively participate in a session that will go down in the history of the Minas Gerais Court.

Judge Armando Freire presided over the session of the 1st Civil Chamber and highlighted the privilege of participating in a historic moment for the TJMG (Credit: Riva Moreira/TJMG)

“For us, members of the oldest Chamber of the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais, it is an undisguised privilege to appear as active actors in this scenario of celebrations of the sesquicentenary of the egregium. Thus, privileged ones, it is comforting, above all, to know that following these 150 years of existence of our Court of Justice, throughout its rich and revered history, we were given the opportunity to bring our humble share of contribution, honoring the commitment assumed by our ancestors, those who started the work of the then Court of Appeal in this vast territory of Minas Gerais”, he said.


Present at the session of the 1st Criminal Chamber were the president of the collegiate, judge Wanderley Paiva, judge Alberto Deodato Neto, judge Eduardo Machado, judge Edison Feital Leite, judge José Luiz de Moura Faleiros, judge Kárin Emmerich, called exceptionally to this trial, and prosecutor Márcio Heli, representative of the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais. Five items were included on the agenda, including criminal appeals, appeals in the strict sense and infringement and nullity embargoes.

President of the 1st Criminal Chamber, judge Wanderley Paiva recalled his own trajectory in the judiciary during the session (Credit: Riva Moreira/TJMG)

Judge Wanderley Paiva said that, during the session, he mentally did a brief retrospective of his career. “Right now my heart is beating with joy because I started working as a shoeshine boy at the door of the forum on Rua Goiás, I am a former TJMG employee and, today, in the 150 years of the Minas Gerais judiciary, I was able to preside over the Criminal Chamber in this session and in this solemn closing”, he stated.

The member of the Special Commission for the Sesquicentenary of the TJMG, judge Osvaldo Oliveira Araújo Firmo, recalled that the first case judged at the Court of Appeal of Ouro Preto, in a session on February 10, 1874, was a habeas corpus, with Januário as patient Pereira de Andrade, imprisoned in the Villa de Santa Rita do Turvo prison, located about 100 km from Ouro Preto.

Judge Osvaldo Firmo considered the choice of the 1st Criminal Chamber to hold one of the extraordinary sessions to commemorate the Court’s Sesquicentenary (Credit: Riva Moreira/TJMG) correct.

“In my particular conception, the First Chamber of this Court of Justice is criminal par excellence. That mixed chamber, installed on February 3, 150 years ago, although it had mixed jurisdiction, had as its first case judged a habeas corpus of an evidently criminal nature. So, there would be no greater excellence for our celebration of the TJMG’s sesquicentennial than a meeting of a criminal chamber,” he stated.

See the album with photos from the sessions.

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